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GLIN==> Earthwatch Radio programs for week of August 28-31

Monday, August 28, 2006

Earthwatch Radio programs for this week are now available online at:

Drama of the Deep -- Some of the biggest predators in the deep ocean are
large colonies of jellyfish. They sweep the water with "a curtain of
death" and disintegrate when anyone tries to take their picture.

Farewell, Alvin -- A U.S. research vessel that has been in service since
the 1960s is headed toward retirement. (8/29/2006)

Story Time is Timeless -- An Abenaki storyteller from New York State
keeps an ancient tradition alive and conveys timely lessons about people
and nature. (8/30/2006)

Fear Pressure -- Some people push themselves too hard to keep up with
others on outdoor excursions. An author says that can be dangerous for
everyone. (8/31/2006)

Change in Earthwatch Radio schedule -- The Earthwatch Radio program is
changing its production schedule until spring 2007. (9/1/2006)


SPECIAL NOTICE: Earthwatch Radio is making a change in its production
schedule to free up time and resources for reorganizing the project.
We're taking a break from our usual production of five programs a week,
and we expect to be back in full service in spring 2007.  Until then
we'll continue to produce one program a week for our Web site and for
our podcasting and email services.

The decision to suspend daily programming was difficult for us.
Earthwatch Radio started as a daily program in September 1972, and it
has been that way for 34 years straight.  But we're squeezed between
rising expenses and declining resources, and we need this break for a
few different reasons.  We want to upgrade our online presence so we can
deliver audio directly to radio stations over the Internet.  We also
want to find new partners and sources of funding to support this project
in the future.

All of us who work on Earthwatch Radio -- the staff and students who
have put together these 260 programs a year -- greatly appreciate the
encouragement we've received from broadcasters and from people online.
We look forward to the day when we can tell you that we're back on a
daily basis.


        Richard Hoops

Producer, Earthwatch Radio
UW Sea Grant Institute
University of Wisconsin-Madison


Earthwatch Radio is a service of the Sea Grant Institute and the Gaylord
Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of

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