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GLIN==> Deep Geological Radioactive Waste Site on Lake Huron Shoreline

Official hearing notice from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's website: <http://www.nuclearsafety.gc.ca/eng/commission_hearings/information//eng/commission/pdf/2006-10-23-Notice-2006-H-12-OPG-DGR-e.pdf>Notice - Ref.: 2006-H-12 - Ontario Power Generation Inc. - Environmental Assessment Guidelines Regarding OPG's Proposal to Construct and Operate a Deep Geological Repository within the Bruce Nuclear Site in Kincardine, Ontario 
Partial quote from above hearing notice: 
"Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG) has notified the CNSC (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission) of its intent to apply for 
authorization to prepare, construct and operate a Deep Geological Repository (DGR) for the 
long-term management of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste. The DGR would hold 
the waste currently stored on the Bruce Nuclear Site as well as the waste produced from the 
continued operations of the OPG-owned Bruce, Pickering and Darlington nuclear generating 
This hearing notice can be obtained at the following URL: http://www.nuclearsafety.gc.ca/eng/commission_hearings/information/date.cfm?dt=23-Oct-2006

     Dear Friends of these Great Lakes: 
     The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is taking written submissions by September 22nd and is holding a hearing October 23rd (2006) regarding the proposed deep geological repository for so-called "low" and "intermediate" level radioactive waste from Ontario Power Generation's 20 nuclear plants. This proposed deep geological repository would lie directly beneath the shores of Lake Huron at the Bruce nuclear complex. This is close to Kincardine, south of the beautiful Bruce Peninsula and directly across from Michigan's eastern shoreline. 
     This is irresponsible and dangerous on many levels. We hope to post a more detailed alert later on. Meanwhile, please put these dates on your calendar. Please note the deadline for written submissions is September 22, 2006. The date for the hearing is October 23, 2006 at Davidson Centre, Kincardine Hall, 601 Durham Street, Kincardine, Ontario in Canada. It may be possible to phone in with an oral presentation the day of the hearing. However, anyone wishing to make a presentation in person or by phone must indicate it in their written submissions. 
     It is also crucial that citizens in the Great Lakes Basin contact their state and federal representatives and urge them to oppose this outrageous scheme which places continued production, transport and storage of these radioactive wastes in the heart of the Great Lakes Basin and places "long-term" storage of these wastes in close proximity to Lake Huron. Placing these radioactive wastes into deep geologic repository means that when these wastes leak, it will be very costly and dangerous to workers (if it is even possible) to catch any leaked materials and repackage them. If leaks are not caught and repackaged, there is the very real possibility of contamination and devastation of our irreplaceable fresh water lakes. There is no package produced that will outlast some of these wastes, so they are sure to leak sooner or later. 
     Some of these wastes have long half-lives. Many bioaccumulate in the food chain. Many also concentrate in the food chain, just like DDT. In addition, all nuclear operations, including waste storage sites,  make us a target for terrorists - and put us all in the shadow of possible accidents and contamination. Earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters can also affect these sites. These are all excellent reasons for practicing energy conservation whenever possible,  developing sustainable energy resources such as solar and wind, etc. and investing in energy-saving appliances.
     We urge every citizen in the Great Lakes region, and especially Michigan, to submit letters to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission opposing this proposed underground "long-term" nuclear waste dump directly beneath the shores of Lake Huron and to e-mail a copy of your letters to your state and federal representatives, and urge them to act on this immediately. 

Materials are on:

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


     Kay Cumbow, Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination Lake Station/Brown City, MI 
     Michael Keegan, Coalition for a Nuclear-Free Great Lakes, Monroe, MI 
     Keith Gunter, Citizens Resistance At Fermi 2, Monroe, MI 
     Alice Hirt, Don't Waste Michigan, Holland, MI 

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