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GLIN==> Healing Our Waters Program Priorities Initiative

Healing Our Waters® - Great Lakes Coalition
Program Priorities Initiative

As part of its Program Priorities Initiative, the Healing Our Waters® - Great Lakes (HOW) Coalition is developing a Great Lakes Restoration Project Inventory. The inventory of Great Lakes restoration projects will provide concrete examples of on-the-ground restoration projects that need federal support. These projects will help the HOW Coalition make a compelling case to the 110th Congress next year for Great Lakes restoration funding.

Please visit the following web site where you can learn more and submit a Great Lakes Restoration project: http://www.restorethelakes.org/prioritiesintro.html

In 2005, the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration (GLRC) issued its strategy to restore and protect the Great Lakes for future generations. The GLRC restoration plan outlines the problems facing the Lakes and the simple, common sense steps needed to restore and protect them.

Now the Great Lakes community must identify the short-term concrete actions that implement the restoration plan and protect the Great Lakes for our children and grandchildren.

The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes (HOW) Coalition program priorities initiative is designed to make Great Lakes restoration and protection real. We will identify ongoing and planned activities that can be used to highlight on-the-ground Great Lakes restoration activities.

The HOW Coalition will work with its governmental partners to gather an inventory of projects in each of the Great Lakes states. These projects should reflect actions that can be taken to restore a wetland, clean up toxic sediment, control urban runoff, and other actions that will improve the health of the Great Lakes Basin. To be sure that projects are linked to Great Lakes restoration and protection, they will be evaluated using objective criteria that were developed by the Coalition's science and policy advisors.

In December, the HOW coalition will reconvene and approve the 2007 GL restoration program and policy priorities based on this list. The coalition will develop a "HOW Coalition 2007 Great Lakes Agenda" that describes the priorities setting effort, illustrates key projects, and lists and describes the coalition policy and program priorities for 2007 (fiscal year 2008).
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