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Position Title: Outreach Coordinator

Status: Full time employee

Date posted: July 17, 2006

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Supervisor: Deputy Director

The Ohio Environmental Council, one of the Midwest’s most respected, effective, and fastest-growing statewide environmental-conservation advocacy organizations, seeks a motivated individual who is willing to travel around Ohio, is comfortable with public speaking on a wide range of issues, and has experience with the state legislative process.

Through its network of 120 affiliated conservation and environmental member organizations and over 3,000 individual members, the Ohio Environmental Council has a strong voice in state policy and in communities across Ohio. The Outreach Coordinator will play a central role in continuing the organization’s growth and success by conducting environmental and presentations and by supporting our public affairs program.

Position Description: The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for communications and outreach to diverse audiences and for organizing support for legislative initiatives, including:

*Distributing fish consumption advisories to at-risk communities and health clinics.

*Presenting a “How To Report Environmental Releases” curriculum to local groups.

*Building support among health care providers and in the fast-food industry for reduced use of antibiotics in food production.

*Educating local groups about current environmental legislation in Ohio’s General Assembly.

*Helping to organize the Ohio Environmental Council’s annual Lobby Day and providing other support to the Director of Public Affairs.


*Two years experience (preferred) with state legislation or in government or non-profit organizations.

*Solid understanding of and experience in public speaking and advocacy.

*Strong organizational and writing skills.

*Commitment to and enthusiasm for protection of Ohio’s environment.

*Knowledge of environmental and economic issues, natural history and politics as well as experience with non-profit organizations is highly desirable.

*Bachelor's degree in environmental education, communications, political science, journalism, science, or related field.

*Ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time, be self-directed, and be able to collaborate with other staff on projects with tight timelines.

Salary and benefits: Salary is competitive with other non-profits and is commensurate with experience. The position offers excellent benefits including paid health, dental, vision and life insurance, employer-matched retirement fund, and paid vacation, family, sick, and holiday leave.

Qualified candidates should send their cover letter, resume, and three references to:

Keith Dimoff, Deputy Director

Ohio Environmental Council

1207 Grandview Avenue, Suite 201

Columbus, Ohio 43212-3449

FAX: 614-487-7510

EMAIL: oec@theOEC.org <mailto:oec@theOEC.org>

Receipt of applications will close at 5 p.m. EDT on Friday, July 31, 2006. Candidates may send writing and/or presentation samples to support their application and experience. The OEC will not be responsible for the return of any submitted materials.

Kristy Meyer
Outreach Coordinator
The Ohio Environmental Council
1207 Grandview Ave., Ste. 201
Columbus, OH 43212
P. 614.487.7506
F. 614.487.7510
E. kristy@theoec.org
W. www.theoec.org

Do you care about protecting the environment, public health and our natural resources? Become a member of the Ohio Environmental Council and help make a difference. Learn more about OEC and make your tax-deductible contribution at: http://www.theoec.org/donate.html

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