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RE: GLIN==> Citizen Suit At Fort Sheridan - Update

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Steve, more power to you. I wish more people out here in voter-land would get a tenth as concerned.
Jim Te Selle
Wisconsin Great Lakes Coalition
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Subject: GLIN==> Citizen Suit At Fort Sheridan - Update

Yesterday was the first status call for my lawsuit against the Department of Defense, Department of the Army, and Department of the Navy for the illegal transfer of contaminated federal property at Fort Sheridan without first complying with the requirements of CERCLA.  In the 17 years since Fort Sheridan was closed under the Base Closure and Realignment Act, the Army has failed to propose or implement a final remedial action for Landfill 6 and 7.
After 10 years of working on this issue it felt good to finally get my day in court.  Interestingly, the Department of Justice has sent in a trial attorney from their Washington Division of Environmental and Natural Resources, Environmental Defense Section, instead of using a local Chicago U.S. Attorney. 
The result of the status call was the government asking for a sixty day extension to answer or otherwise responsively plead.  I filed my sixty day notice of intent to sue on February 27, 2006 and my complaint on May 12, 2006.  Now the government needs until September 11, 2006 to formulate an answer to my complaint.
My complaint can be read at: http://www.landfill7.com/fortweb/FortComplaint.htm
I am representing myself in this suit.
Best regards,
Steven Pollack

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