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GLIN==> Professional Development Opportunity aboard the S/V Denis Sullivan

Submitted by Todd Brennan <TBrennan@pierwisconsin.org>

June 28 Teacher Workshop ?An Expedition in Grant Writing aboard the S/V Denis Sullivan?  Milwaukee, WI 10:00 ? 4:30. Join us for a hands-on workshop for 4th-12th grade teachers/educators interested in taking their students on an Educational Expedition (www.discoveryworld.org/denis_sullivan) aboard Wisconsin?s Flagship, the schooner S/V Denis Sullivan. You will take part in a thrilling, 2 hour orientation sail, as well as a 4 hour professional grant writing workshop at Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin?s brand new lakefront facility! Join renowned development specialist Joan Feiereisen of the Fund Development Corporation and learn the basics of experiential education fundraising in the Midwest, get insider tips and the hands on perspective of a professional grant writer. A networking lunch will be provided. Call 414.765.8644 to register for this incredible opportunity for adventure! A $25 donation is encouraged.


Todd Brennan

Education Officer

Sailing Vessel Denis Sullivan

Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin

500 N. Harbor Dr.

Milwaukee, WI 53202


Fax: 414.276.8838



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Today’s Date: May 10, 2006
For more information, please contact the Marine Operations Department at 414.765.8644 or tbrennan@discoveryworld.org 
Summer 2006 Adult Sailing on the S/V Denis Sullivan
e-member Discount: Register by May 31 and receive $50 off all            adult adventure sails!
This summer the S/V Denis Sullivan is offering an exciting opportunity for adults to get out and explore their Great Lakes! 
"Great Lakes Exploration: Above & Below” 
July 22-28, 2006  Houghton, MI to Green Bay, WI 

In just 7 days see Lake Superior, the Saulte St. Marie Locks, the Straits of Mackinac and sail with tall ships from around the world!

This thrilling sail has legs! With nearly 600 nautical miles, three Great Lakes and a chance to sail with tall ships from around the world during the 2006 TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Great Lakes Series, you will leave every last drop of adventure on the inland seas. It takes place in conjunction with the Keweenaw Land Trust, Michigan Tech University and George Mason University.
You will experience firsthand serving on the ship's crew and learn about the unique ecology and maritime heritage of the Great Lakes in the process. 
You will rub elbows with guest experts in ecology, maritime history, archeology, and traditional sailing. 
Your experience will not only be on the water, but also below, as you explore underwater ecology and shipwrecks with cutting edge ROV (remote operated vehicle) technology! 
Top it all off with a sail into Green Bay, where the “Tall Ships Green Bay” event will already be in progress, with a host of tall ships on the lake and in the harbor.
Teacher Credit: In addition, teachers may take this as a course for professional development credits through MTU or GM University

Program Price: $1,150…  Only $1,100 if you register by May 31, a $50 discount!
“St Lawrence Seaway: Past, Present and 
October 3-8  Erie, PA to Montreal, Quebec

Join us on a musical journey with Lee Murdock! Begin the S/V Denis Sullivan’s annual 15,000 nautical mile, round trip, southern passage with the only traditional sailing & education vessel offering this 6 day experience of a lifetime: to sail from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. 

We will explore the cultural, environmental and economic factors intrinsic to its formation, existence, and future. If you have ever wanted to know more about this marvel of North American engineering from a seaway view, you should not pass this voyage up.
You will have a chance to not only enjoy the sites of the seaway, but the sounds as well. Lee Murdock the famous Great Lakes Balladeer will be taking us on a musical journey through the seaway as we explore the shared maritime heritage and influence of the Oceans and the Inland Seas. 

Program price: $1,050…  Only $1,000 if you register by May 31, a $50 discount!
New Fall 2006 Adult Sail Program!
“Land to Sea: A Lake Superior Sailing Adventure”
July 16-20, 2006  Houghton, MI roundtrip
This unique opportunity is in collaboration with Michigan Technological University (MTU) and the Keweenaw Land Trust.  Participate actively in all ship’s operations while you investigate the different features of terrestrial and lake    ecology, exploring important links between land and water conservation.

Engage in an experiential study of history and culture viewed through a maritime lens.
Cruise Track: sail the vast open expanse of Superior, from a circumnavigation of the Keweenaw Peninsula to remote Superior Shoal and Isle Royale National Park.
Rub elbows with guest experts in ecology, maritime history, archeology and traditional sailing.
Learn to operate the latest in Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) technology.
Teacher Credit, take these principles of exploration back into the classroom with you and gain graduate credit from MTU. To find out more, contact Mark Gleason  231.526.8611 or gleason@mtu.edu

Program price: $890… Only $840 if you register by May 31, a $50 discount!
Visit www.discoveryworld.org to learn about our other great summer programs such as
summer camps, adults workshops, lectures and programs as well as special events and members
only events!
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