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GLIN==> great lakes water quality agreement calls

Dear fellow Great Lakes citizens,

Four Great Lakes Groups including Great Lakes United are sponsoring eight series of calls on issues relaed to the upcoming review and possible renegotiation of the Canada-U.S. Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. See the list of call issues and times below. If you wish to participate in one of the calls, contact the listed host.

The purpose of the calls is to empower citizen participation in the review process and, if possible, come to substantial  agreement within the basin environmental community on positions we take within the review.

Some introductory calls in most of the series have already taken place, but we encourage your participation regardless. The review will take more than a year and your engagement at any point will be valuable.

For more information on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, visit http://www.greatlakesforever.org/html/glwqa.html . For the text of the agreement itself, see http://www.ijc.org/rel/agree/quality.html

Hope to hear you on some of the calls.

Reg Gilbert

RAPs and contaminated sediment
Host: John Jackson, jjackson@web.ca

2- Thursday, 4/27, 9:00 EDT (8:00 CDT)
3 - Monday, 5/1, 1:00 EDT (12:00 CDT) (if required)

Research and monitoring
Host: Paige Wilder, pwilder@biodiverse.org
3-Week of 5/1, day and time to be announced (if required)

Toxic substances
Host: Fe de Leon, deleonf@lao.on.ca

2-Thursday, 4/27, 2006, 1:30 EDT  (12:30 CDT)
3-Tuesday, 5/2, 2006, 12:15 EDT  (11:15 CDT) (if required)

Habitat, species, and biodiversity
Host: Jennifer Nalbone, jen@glu.org

2-Thursday, 4/27, 3:00 EDT (2:00 CDT)
3-Wednesday, 5/3, 1:00 EDT (12:00 CDT) (if required)

Aquatic invasive species
Host: Jennifer Nalbone, jen@glu.org

2-Thursday, 4/27, 1:00 EDT (12:00 CDT)
3-Thursday, 5/4, 1:00 EDT (12:00 CDT) (if required)
Coastal health (sewage outflow)
Host: Cameron Davis, cdavis@greatlakes.org

2-Monday, 5/1, 1:00 EDT (12:00 CDT)
3-Thursday, 5/4, 11:00 EDT (10:00 CDT) (if required)

Host: John Jackson, jjackson@web.ca

1-Thursday, 4/27, 3:00 EDT (2:00 CDT)
2-Monday, 5/1, 10:00 EDT (9:00 CDT)
3-Thursday, 5/4, 10:00 EDT (9:00 CDT) (if required)

Climate change
Host: Reg Gilbert, reg@glu.org

1-Monday, 5/1, 12:00 EDT (11:00 CDT)
2-Thursday, 5/4, 3:00 EDT (2:00 CDT)

All calls sponsored by Great Lakes United, the Canadian Environmental Law Association, Alliance for the Great Lakes, and Biodiversity Project

Reg Gilbert
Senior Coordinator
Great Lakes United

(716) 362-3152

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790 Auburn Ave.
Buffalo, New York, 14222

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Buffalo State College, Cassety Hall
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