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GLIN==> Grant Opportunity: Support for Conferences, Workshops and/or Meetings

I have been informed that this came through intact to some recipients,
but as a blank message for others, so this is a resend.  Apologies to
those who have already received this announcement.


This might be of interest to organizations in the GL community.

EPA Contact: Michael Bender at 202 564 6829; e-mail:

EPA to Provide Financial Support for Conferences, Workshops and/or

" ... in the areas of (1) EPA mission related issues connected to
protecting, human health and safeguarding the natural environment; (2)
advancing the scientific and technical research that promotes
environmental protection; (3) exploring current and emerging issues of
importance to environmental protection; and/or (4) encouraging
collaboration among the nation’s best scientists and engineers in
academia, business and nonprofit research institutes ..."

EPA has $750,000 in available grant funds and expects to make 25 awards
EPA released the request on January 18 and applications for grant
funding are due by January 18, 2007.
Eligible Applicants include city, county and state governments, public
and private institutions of higher education and certain nonprofit

Details are posted at

EPA Contact: Michael Bender at 202 564 6829; e-mail:
Bender.Michael@EPA.gov%vq謆-y-ߢ*'5p,a0Vz޵:,&ކi0	bw+)ڞz.ǟiS,Ơzm%y޷k?Xjyw-٥Nj!bm )zl	b{%Ƨvb*'ޱy֛(r,z殶+םqu'q,jʷ-,z,h+lځ鞞