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GLIN==> Great Lakes Commission begins search for new executive director

For Immediate Release
Dec. 23, 2005

Great Lakes Commission begins search for new executive director 
Ann Arbor, Mich. ? Applications are now being accepted for the position of
executive director of the Great Lakes Commission, Chair Thomas E. Huntley
has announced. Applications will be accepted through Feb. 10, 2006. 

"The person we are looking for is one with the leadership and vision to
advance the collective interests of our member states and provinces with
regard to the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence system," Huntley said. "The new
executive director must also have the skills to lead the Commission in
serving as an effective advocate for the binational Great Lakes-St. Lawrence
region and in providing objective information for informed policy

The Great Lakes Commission occupies a unique niche in Great Lakes resource
management and policymaking, as a compact agency established by the eight
states of the region with the consent of Congress, and with the provinces of
Ontario and Québec as associate members. 

The new executive director will be only the fifth in the Commission's
50-year history. The successful candidate will succeed Michael J. Donahue,
who stepped down in February 2005 after a tenure of 17 years to enter the
private sector. 

Given the length of time since the last transition, an internal review of
the organization was conducted to provide guidance for the search process
and for strategic planning once the leadership position is filled. The
results of that study, which potential applicants are encouraged to review,
are available at www.glc.org/announce/05/12edsearch.html 

Applications for the position of executive director should be submitted by
mail to the Hon. Thomas E. Huntley, Ph.D., State Representative, 335 State
Office Building, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55155, or by email to
rep.thomas.huntley@house.mn. The position announcement, including job
responsibilities, requirements and details on the application and candidate
review process are available at www.glc.org/announce/05/edjob.html 

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