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GLIN==> Workshop Announcement: "Setting Appropriate Aquatic Life Uses"


October 30, 2005 -- 8:30 am-5:00 pm
Washington Convention Center, Washington DC

Sponsored by the Water Environment Federation's Ecology and Aquatic
Resources Committee

Cost: $70/$25 for students

Water quality standard reviews and beneficial use assessments are the
most fundamental step in the water quality process because they set the
basis for all water regulatory programs including designated use
attainment assessments (305(b) and 3030(d)), total maximum daily load
determinations, reasonable potential determinations for wastewater
effluent permit limits, and NPDES permit discharge effluent limits.
Currently, beneficial use determinations and reviews/revisions have been
the least used step in the regulatory process according to many

This workshop is designed to provide a forum for stakeholders to learn
how aquatic life uses can be tailored to more appropriately include
irretrievable or natural constraints as well as identify potentially
restorable conditions and guard against deterioration of high-quality
waters.  In addition, the interactive format of this workshop and use of
facilitated break-out sessions will provide an opportunity for
participants to discuss common problematic situations and make
suggestions on how these aquatic life issues might be resolved.  Experts
from USEPA and other organizations will impart the most current thinking
and tools that address some of the most problematic challenges raised
regarding aquatic life use designations.  Topics will include: 1) an
update on EPA's current Designated Use Plan and how existing uses should
be evaluated; 2) the science behind EPA's tiered aquatic life use
framework and ways to incorporate tiered uses into state standards; 3)
streamlining the technical aspects of Use Attainability Analyses (UAAs)
and making them more transparent and useful to all stakeholders; and 4)
evaluating and identifying appropriate aquatic life uses for arid west,
effluent-dependent, and urban aquatic systems.  The latter will include
results of several recent and on-going projects funded by the Water
Environment Research Foundation.  The workshop is intended for anyone
involved with designated use issues and particularly seeks to involve
public sector and non-profit environmental organizations as well as
state and tribe staff.

To register for this workshop, please visit
http://www.weftec.org/registration/registration.htm  For registration
assistance, call 866.878.0741.  (This workshop is listed as Ticketed
Event G: Workshop on Aquatic Life.)
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