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GLIN==> Great Lakes Air Deposition Program - 2005-2006 RFP available

Title: Great Lakes Air Deposition Program - 2005-2006 RFP available
The Great Lakes Commission (GLC) is soliciting proposals for innovative projects under the Great Lakes Air Deposition (GLAD) program.  The purpose of funding under the GLAD program is to safeguard the environment and human health from the adverse effects of atmospherically deposited toxic contaminants in the Great Lakes region. This program supports scientific investigation and the development of assessment tools to identifying the magnitude, sources and impacts of toxic contaminant deposition within the region and to facilitate concerted and strategic actions to mitigate such impacts.

A full-text of the RFP can be downloaded from http://www.glc.org/glad/

The GLAD program pursues projects involving one or more of the following five Focus Areas: 1) assessment of impacts on wildlife and human health, 2) atmospheric deposition monitoring; 3) source identification and characterization; 4) emissions inventory;development; and 5) atmospheric and multi-media modeling.

Proposals should focus on contaminants of concern for atmospheric deposition in the Great Lakes region and should demonstrate a likelihood that the contaminant(s) being examined are depositing to the region’s waterways from the atmosphere in a quantity that may cause adverse impacts to humans or wildlife.  These activities should be consistent with the goals of Annex 12 and 15 of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, the Great Lakes Toxics Substances Control Agreement of 1986, the Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy, and Great Waters sections of the Clean Air Act.

The funding available for the current year is $1,160,000.  Previously sponsored projects have ranged from $20,000 to $250,000, with a median of about $120,000. Proposals to be granted funding will be determined based on the selection criteria and programmatic goals described below. Considerations will be made to achieve balanced coverage of the five GLAD Focus Areas described in this RFP and to equitably address needs across the region’s geography.

Great Lakes state agencies, interstate agencies, accredited academic institutions, and other public or non-profit agencies and organizations in the U.S. are eligible for funding. Federal agencies and forprofit organizations are not eligible. State agencies not bordering the Great Lakes are ineligible. Academic institutions and other organizations located outside the region are eligible.

Application deadline is on Wednesday, December 7, 2005 at 5pm EST.
Application instructions are available at: http://www.glc.org/glad/rfp06.html

For further information, please contact Kevin Yam <kyam@glc.org> or Jon Dettling <dettling@glc.org> at the Great Lakes Commission, Phone: (734) 971-9135; Fax (734) 971-9150.