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GLIN==> News from the Aquatic Sciences Center- Fall 2005

The Fall 2005 issue of the Aquatic Sciences Chronicle is now online:

The online Chronicle delivers the latest news from the Aquatic Sciences
Center, the administrative home of the Sea Grant and Water Resources
institutes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  


Scientists Launch Mercury Mission.  Objectve: Capture state of the
science at 2006 conference

More than 40 of the world's leading mercury researchers recently
gathered in Madison to provide sound science to policymakers.

The Ultimate Test Tube: Landmark mercury pollution study sited at
pristine lake

An international group of researchers is performing a unique experiment
on a remote lake in Ontario.

Students to Compete in Lake Sturgeon Bowl: Contest of aquatic knowledge
to be held March 4, 2006, at UW-Milwaukee

Up to twenty Wisconsin high school teams are eligible to compete for an
all-expenses-paid opportunity to represent the region at the national
Ocean Sciences Bowl finals. 

Generations Go Back to School: Grandparents, grandchildren learn

This summer, UW Sea Grant and the UW Center for Limnology helped prove
you're never too old-or too young-to learn something new.

Education News:  Prahl Awarded Weston Fellowship

Lili K. Prahl has been awarded the Carl J. Weston Memorial Fellowship. 

Know Your Water Lab: Great Lakes WATER Institute

Conducting research, education, and outreach from its 10-acre dockside
site in the port of Milwaukee, the Great Lakes WATER Institute aims to
understand thoroughly the Great Lakes and other aquatic and
environmental resources of local to international importance. 

Wisconsin's Water Library: Frogs Hop into Latest Reading Hour

Children at the Allied Drive Learning Center on Madison's south side
were recently treated to an afternoon of books, music, crafts, and
treats through a University of Wisconsin - Madison library outreach

Featured Web Site: CoastWatch

Wisconsin anglers, as well as students in the classroom, now have access
to the latest available Great Lakes surface water temperature
information via the Web. 

People News: Floating Kiosk, Sunken Ships Win Awards

Wisconsin Sea Grant won two first-place awards in the communications
contest at Sea Grant Week, a meeting for the country's 30 Sea Grant
programs, June 3-8, in Camden-Rockport, Maine.


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