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GLIN==> First Annual Conference for Michigan's Clean Water Corps Program, Oct. 29 at the MacMullan Center on Higgins Lake

Title: First Annual Conference for Michigan's Clean Water Corps Program, Oct. 29 at the MacMullan Center on Higgins Lake

Empowering Michigan’s Volunteer Water Quality Monitors:

First Annual Conference for Michigan’s Clean Water Corps
Volunteer Monitoring Program

Saturday, October 29, 2005
Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center
Higgins Lake, Michigan

Mark your calendar, spread the word, and plan to attend this important event!

A detailed conference program and registration form will follow in September.
Contact: Matt Doss, Michigan Clean Water Corps staff, Great Lakes Commission, 734-971-9135, mdoss@glc.org.

For background on Michigan’s Clean Water Corps program, visit http://www.micorps.net/about.html.  The Great Lakes Commission is administering the MiCorps program under contract with the Department of Environmental Quality.

Conference Overview

This first annual conference will present Michigan’s Clean Water Corps -- MiCorps, a new program created by Governor Jennifer Granholm to engage Michigan’s volunteer monitoring community to support the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) in collecting and sharing data on the quality of Michigan’s lakes and streams.  The one-day conference will review the MiCorps program structure and accomplishments; provide training on MiCorps monitoring protocols and data management procedures; educate volunteer monitors on how they can use their data to support local water quality protection efforts; and provide volunteers with opportunities to interact with MiCorps and DEQ staff and leaders in Michigan’s volunteer monitoring community.  DEQ staff will review trends in water quality in Michigan’s lakes and rivers, and how the state is using volunteer data.

Who Should Attend

The conference is intended for volunteer monitoring program leaders, citizen volunteers, water resource professionals, and others interested in the health and protection of Michigan’s rivers, lakes and streams.  Conference sessions will showcase successful volunteer monitoring programs and funding options for supporting local efforts.  DEQ staff will recognize exemplary efforts by volunteers in MiCorps programs and solicit input on how to strengthen and better engage volunteer monitoring groups in this important new initiative.

Call for Presentations and Displays

Volunteer monitoring programs are invited to showcase how they are supporting local river or lake management efforts; effective strategies for recruiting and sustaining volunteer monitors; and other accomplishments in the volunteer monitoring field.  Selected presentations will be made in conference breakout sessions and others will be invited to present posters.  Space is also available for displays from local volunteer monitoring organizations.  Presentation abstracts and questions should be directed to Matt Doss, MiCorps staff, Great Lakes Commission, 734-971-9135, mdoss@glc.org.

Special Training for Volunteer Monitors

From 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 28, Jo Latimore and Joan Martin with the Huron River Watershed Council will offer training at the MacMullan Center on biological stream monitoring or running a successful volunteer monitoring program.  To ensure that we address your areas of interest, we invite you to send us the training topics that would best meet your needs.  Please send them by September 15 to Joan Martin at 734-769-5971, jmartin@hrwc.org.

Registration and Lodging

A complete conference program and registration form will be distributed in September.  Low-cost lodging will be available at the MacMullan Center.

Contacts for More Information

For more information on the MiCorps program or the Oct. 29 conference, contact Matt Doss, MiCorps staff, Great Lakes Commission, 734-971-9135, mdoss@glc.org.  Background on and current activities within the MiCorps program is available online at http://www.micorps.net.