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GLIN==> PBS NOW...Friday evening show on Global Warming

Subject: This Week on NOW
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Friday, April 22, 2005 on PBS
(Check local listings at http://www.pbs.org/now/sched.html)

This week on NOW:

* Global meltdown.  NOW goes inside the battle over global warming.
What has scientists alarmed and why isn't Washington listening?  Find


Scientists say that over the last century, almost every glacier on earth
has gotten smaller and that the Arctic, which serves as the "air
conditioner" for the world, is warming twice as fast as anywhere else.
It's part of the body of evidence, they say, that proves humans are
changing the atmosphere and causing global climate change, which has
enormous implications for the health of the planet and its inhabitants.
So why are some in government still claiming that global warming is a
hoax?  On Earth Day, NOW analyzes the latest from the scientific and
political fronts on climate change.  The report looks at recent
scientific evidence that has set off alarms about the implications of
melting glaciers for rising ocean levels and talks to one coal-burning
energy company that has voluntarily pledged to stabilize its greenhouse
gas emissions.

NOW continues online at PBS.org (www.pbs.org/now).  Log on to explore
the ins and outs of the political debate over global warming; to see
what the world community is doing about greenhouse gases; to check the
environmental quality in your neighborhood; to get checklists to
safeguard your home, school and locale from toxic chemicals; to find out
where and how to recycle toxic E-trash; to see what environmental laws
are being considered by your state legislature; and more.

Also, teachers can download a lesson plan for high school students.

Hosted by David Brancaccio, NOW has been called "...must-see,
make-your-blood-boil television..." by Newsday and "...public television
at its best" by the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Each week, the series sheds
light on a wide range of issues confronting the nation and explores
American democracy and culture through investigative reporting and
interviews with major authors, leading thinkers, and artists.

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