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GLIN==> Spring 2005 Issue of IJC's FOCUS is Now Available

Title: Spring 2005 Issue of IJC's FOCUS is Now Available

Spring 2005, Vol. 30, Issue 1

The International Joint Commission's FOCUS newsletter is now available on-line at:
or in French at http://www.ijc.org/rel/focus/v30i1/indexf.html
The Spring 2005 issue includes articles about:

* The Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence River Study public meetings.
* Call for Papers:  Be part of the discussion at the 2005 Biennial Meeting.  All material used in breakout discussion sessions will come from you.  Go to
http://www.ijc.org/2005biennial/2005callforpapers.html for more information.
* Commentary from Regional Office Director, Dr. Gail Krantzberg on Great Lakes' advisory board activities and advice regarding the governments' review of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.
* The 2005 IJC Great Lakes Conference and Biennial Meeting -- June 9-11, 2005 on the campus of Queen's University in historic Kingston, Ontario. Joint the IJC to discuss the review of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Just announced -- Stephane Dion, Minister of the Environment for Canada and Leona Dombrowsky, Ontario's Minister of the Environment to speak on Saturday morning, June 11.  Dr. Michael Byers, renowned international law expert and academic director for the Lui Institute for Global Issues in Vancouver, is confirmed to speak on Friday, June 10.

* Task Force to look at apportionment of St. Mary and Milk rivers. 
* An update on Missisquoi Bay. 

Don't miss our regular features including: People (changes to the IJC advisory boards) and Hot off the Press (new publications and products from the IJC).

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