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GLIN==> 6th Biennial Lake Superior Youth Symposium

Submitted by Joan Chadde (jchadde@mtu.edu)
Apologies for cross-postings

6th Biennial Lake Superior Youth Symposium

May 12-15, 2005 in Thunder Bay, Ontario

The 2005 Lake Superior Youth Symposium will take place Thursday, May 12
through Sunday, May 15 in Thunder Bay, Ontario hosted by Sir Winston
Churchill Collegiate and Vocational Institute (a high school). Thunder Bay
is located 200 miles north of Duluth, MN.

This Sixth Biennial Lake Superior Youth Symposium for grades 7-12 students
and teachers has been held every two years since 1995. Once again, students
from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario will come together as
stewards of the Lake Superior watershed. Participants will listen to keynote
speakers talking about issues and events impacting on the watershed. They
will attend workshops dealing with topics like waste audits, landfill
management, climate change, exotic species, water sampling, timber
management, environmental sustainability, and more. Field trips have been
designed in order to visit unique locations around the Thunder Bay area
where experts will facilitate new learning experiences such as touring: the
Thunder Bay Harbor; a grain elevator; a paper mill; Fort William Historical
Park; the arctic micro climate at Quimet Canyon; a fish hatchery; the
Mission Marsh; the Williams Bog; Conservation Authority projects; climbing
450 meters up the Sleeping Giant; the Kingfisher Outdoor Education facility;
a managed forest; alternative energy projects; alternative housing designs;
an award winning landfill; university and college environmental
programs/facilities; and much more. Arts and cultural connections are an
important part of the conference and will be represented by exhibitions of
literary works; artistic works; musical performances; films; and dramatic
productions. A dance will bring the whole group together to celebrate the
lake and their conference participation on the Saturday night.

The location of the symposium circles Lake Superior, alternating between
Wisconsin, Ontario, Minnesota, and Michigan and is hosted by local
educational institutions. This will be the second time the conference has
visited Ontario (White Pines Collegiate in Sault Ste. Marie hosted the
symposium in 1997). 95% of past student delegates indicated a desire to
attend the next conference, so plan now to join us in Thunder Bay! Churchill
High School students have attended the past three symposiums.

For more information or to be put on a contact list for registration,
contact Doug Jones at: Douglas_Jones@lakeheadschools.ca or (807) 473-8100

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