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U.S. EPA Targeted Watersheds Grant Program: Call for Nominations   


SUMMARY: EPA today is announcing the Call for Nominations of watershed
proposals under the Targeted Watersheds Grant Program. Formerly called the
Watershed Initiative, the Targeted Watersheds Grant Program is a competitive
grant program designed to support the protection and restoration of the
country's water resources through a holistic watershed approach to water
quality management. For fiscal year 2005, Congress has appropriated a total
of $18 million for the Program of which $10 million will be directed to
nation-wide projects for improving water quality and the remaining $8
million will be directed toward projects in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
Today's notice sets forth the process that will be used for selecting
watersheds for the nation-wide projects, and serves as the call for
nominations from Governors and Tribal Leaders. Subsequently, EPA will
publish a separate notice that will outline the criteria and selection
process for Chesapeake Bay nominations.

DATES: The deadline for EPA receipt of nominations, both in hard copy and in
electronic form, is May 19, 2005. Nominations and supporting materials
received after this deadline will not be considered.

ADDRESSES: Two hard copies of the nomination packages must be submitted in
their entirety by express mail or courier service. Deliver one copy to Carol
Peterson, Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds, USEPA, Room 7136E,
1301 Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20004; telephone 202-566-1304.
The other copy is to be delivered to the appropriate EPA Regional office
(see section IV.E for regional names and addresses). Please mark all
submissions ATTN: Targeted Watersheds.

In addition to the hard copies, a portion of the nomination package must
also be submitted electronically to the e-mail address provided; the subject
line should read ``STATE--WATERSHED NAME.'' Please follow the detailed
instructions provided in section IV.D of the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION
section below.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Carol Peterson, USEPA, 1200 Pennsylvania
Ave., NW., (4501T), Washington, DC, 20460; telephone: 202-566-1304; e-mail:
initiative.watershed@epa.gov or one of the Regional contacts listed in
section VII of the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section below. Additional
information, forms, and any updated guidance will be posted on EPA's
Targeted Watersheds Web site at

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