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GLIN==> Great Lakes Odonata Meeting 2005

forwarded from Bill Morgenstern:

Attached is a press release for the Great Lakes Odonata Meeting to be held in Fort Frances and the Rainy River District in July. The symposium is being hosted by the Rainy River Valley Field Naturalists. Please use or distribute as you see fit. Additional information is available at:

PRESS RELEASE - February 8, 2005 :

Rainy River Valley Field Naturalists to Host Dragonfly Symposium

The Rainy River Valley Field Naturalists (RRVFN) will host the fifth annual Great Lakes Odonata Meeting - GLOM 2005 - this July 15
th through 18 th . The symposium will draw up to 40 participants from at least five states and two provinces to Fort Frances and the Rainy River District to survey surrounding habitat for dragonfly and damselfly species.

Home to about 80 species of dragonflies and 10+ species of damselflies, the Rainy River District from Atikokan to Rainy River boasts more species than all of Europe. Second only to birding, dragonfly watching is a fast growing past time and draws on many of the same skills. Dragon and damselflies or "odies", short for their scientific name "odonata", are everywhere and serve as key indicators of a healthy environment. Certain species are limited to very specific habitats. The Rainy River District, with its large lakes, rivers and peatlands located amongst a variety of topography and forest types offers diverse odie habitat yet remains under surveyed due to our limited local resources, isolation and the large area to cover.

GLOM 2005 aims to change this by bringing both experts and novice dragonfly watchers to the district to join in field surveys and discussions. At the end of four days participants will have contributed to a more complete survey of our critical habitats and, it is anticipated, new species records for the district.

The first Great Lakes Odonata Meeting, organized by zoologist Colin Jones of the Ontario Natural Heritage Information Centre, was held near Elliot Lake in 2001. Since then, GLOM has been held in Michigan, Minnesota and Ohio. Coming back to Ontario this year, GLOM 2005 will feature speakers Kurt Mead, biologist and Minnesota author of the award winning field guide, Dragonflies of the North Woods ; Bob DuBois, aquatic ecologist for the Wisconsin DNR and author of the soon to be released Damselflies of the North Woods ; and Colin Jones, zoologist, editor of Ontario Odonata and co-author of A Field Guide to Dragonflies and Damselflies of Algonquin Provincial Park and the Surrounding Area .

Registration for GLOM 2005 is $75.00 with a cutoff date of June 1, 2005. The symposium will include a social with opening speaker on July 15
th in Fort Frances; a field day, banquet and speaker on July 16 th near Emo; a community ""Dragonfly Day""on July 17 th in Emo; a short afternoon field trip on July 17 th and a field day to key locations in the center and west end of the district on July 18 th .

The Rainy River Valley Field Naturalists thank FedNor Canada and the Rainy River Future Development Corp for supporting this event. For further information contact RRVFN at PO Box 253, Fort Frances, Ontario P9A 3M6, or Bill Morgenstern at 807-274-7314.