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GLIN==> Conference Proceedings: Actions Toward a Sustainable Great Lakes

Conference Proceedings: Actions Toward a Sustainable Great Lakes

View the conference proceedings online at http://www.glc.org/announce/05/SustainabilityProceedings.pdf

In May of 2004, over 200 policymakers, opinion leaders and stakeholders throughout the binational Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region convened for a common purpose: to move the notion of “sustainability” from concept to application. Through plenary sessions, breakout groups, social events and hallway conversations, a philosophy emerged to guide restoration, protection and sustainable use efforts. This philosophy recognizes our responsibility to ensure that future generations have access to a well-managed, quality resource that will meet long term needs for a clean environment, a prosperous economy, and a high quality of life.

Twenty-seven agencies and organizations served as partners, collectively contributing to conference design, conduct, speaker selection, publicity and session summaries. (See appendix for listing.)

Conference outcomes will be of interest to all with a role or responsibility in the restoration, protection and sustainable use of our great resource. In particular, they will be relevant to the many priority setting and strategy development efforts underway at the agency, jurisdictional, regional, national and binational levels at this time.

For more information, copies of the document or questions, please contact Jon Dettling (dettling@glc.org) or Mike Donahue (mdonahue@glc.org) at 734-971-9135.

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