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GLIN==> Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Training Institute

Michigan State University's Knight Center for Environmental Journalism announces eighth Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Training Institute

Contact: Knight Center Director Jim Detjen, detjen@msu.edu, (517) 353 9479; Assistant Director David Poulson, poulson@msu.edu, (517) 432 5417 or Administrative Assistant Barb Miller, mille384@msu.edu, (517) 352 1415.

Tramp through one of the Earth's largest remaining forest ecosystems while learning how to better cover the environment during the eighth Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Training Institute.

Once again, U.S. and Canadian journalists who cover the environment in the Great Lakes region will meet with top environmental experts and veteran reporters as part of this popular training program. They'll learn about some of the hottest issues on their beat, and receive training on how to cover them.

The institute is June 7 to 11 in East Lansing, Mich., and in Wawa, Ontario. It is organized by the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism at Michigan State University.

This year's keynote speaker is Margaret Kriz, who covers energy and environmental issues for the Washington D.C.-based National Journal.

Kriz has journeyed below Nevada's Yucca Mountain to write about nuclear waste, covered logging in Alaskan rainforests and chronicled the politics of U.S. air pollution control policies. She'll give a rundown on President Bush's first-term impact on environmental policy, and look at what to expect during his second term.

During part of the program institute participants will fly to Canada's boreal forest, just north of Lake Superior, to learn of controversial efforts to preserve a forest that feeds North America's demand for wood products and shelters a third of the continent's bird species.

And, as always, they'll learn the latest about the diverse environmental demands on the Great Lakes region.

Participants must be from any of the eight U.S. states or the two Canadian provinces that border the Great Lakes.

Applications are at http://www.environmental.jrn.msu.edu/GLEJTI_App.pdf. The deadline is April 15, 2005. There is no cost to apply. Watch www.environmental.jrn.msu.edu for institute updates, and to see images from previous institutes.

The cost to participants is $95. This year's program is supported by the George Gund Foundation, the Canadian Forest Service, MSU's Knight Center for Environmental Journalism and the MSU Department of Journalism.

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