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GLIN==> Oceans 2005 Call for papers/abstracts

Submitted by Nadia Sbeih (Nadia.Sbeih@noaa.gov)

On behalf of the OCEANS 2005 MTS/IEEE Committee, we would like to invite you to the Washington, D.C. conference September 19-23, 2005.

Please review the website www.oceans2005.org for conference information and please send this email onward to all of your colleagues so that all of our ocean community can make their plans to attend and participate in this opportunity to "make a difference" for the future of our global "One Ocean."

"One Ocean" emphasizes the vital need for global cooperation and engagement to protect our internationally connected waters, as well as the critical role that the "One Ocean" plays in global commerce, weather, jobs, food supply, recreation, national defense, and mineral and energy resources. "One Ocean" also reinforces the many interrelationships among the scientific and engineering disciplines, and this conference provides an unequaled opportunity to network with colleagues from across the entire spectrum of oceanic and marine interests.

Supporting "One Ocean" are these Plenary Themes that will be the focus for Plenary Sessions and other associated events:

a.. Homeland Maritime Security
b.. Global Observation and Exploration
c.. Emerging Ocean Science, Technology, and Engineering
d.. Ocean Education and Outreach
e.. Proactive Global Cooperation and Engagement
Please review the nearly 100 Areas of Interest on the website and you will see that all interests are represented in this conference that provides the very unique opportunity to interact with colleagues in all ocean disciplines.

OCEANS 2005 MTS/IEEE will be a major forum for ocean scientists, engineers, industry end users and suppliers, technologists, educators and researchers, policy makers, and the public throughout the world to present their latest research results, state-of-the-art technologies, future concepts, and innovative ideas to their peers and many others who are involved in the future of our "One Ocean."

We have "One Ocean" shared by the world's community. No matter what you do as an organization or an individual, your actions influence all other actions that affect our global ocean. We will bring together those from around the world who truly want to make a difference and participate in this process to engage the future. We look forward to your participation in OCEANS 2005 MTS/IEEE - "One Ocean."

Tentative Schedule: The working schedule is provided on the website, but we emphasize that it is tentative. We intend to weave the themes together throughout the conference and build to a final event, tentatively the "Town Hall Meeting" on Friday morning that draws it all together and sets the way ahead.

Call for Technical Papers, Tutorial Sessions, and Student Program: This is the heart of the conference. Abstracts for technical papers are due by February 15 as the first deadline for this program, and we need to get that word out to as many prospective attendees as possible. Any methods that you have or know of that we could pursue to get the website known throughout the community would be appreciated.

Exhibition Hall: We have space for over 200 (8'x10') exhibition booths. Details are provided on the website and an interactive floor plan shows the Exhibition Hall.

Sponsor Opportunities: We have arranged many opportunities for those who desire to support our program and help us produce the best possible conference. Our typical registration fees will only allow us to afford the style and content of a typical conference that meets the basic expectations of attendees. But in OCEANS 2005 MTS/IEEE we have a real opportunity to showcase the "ocean community" throughout our society. That requires additional support, and this is offered for your consideration or for recommendations of others whom you think we might approach.

Education and Outreach: We consider this to be one of the most important elements of the conference to weave education, literacy, and outreach throughout the entire program. We are already working on some great ideas and we are actively drafting more folks to help in this enormous task that is so important to the future of our "One Ocean." We are also interested in other ways to highlight emerging technology and current operations, such as projecting onsite/field events through webcasts, to both inform our attendees and reach out to the public.

Publicity and Publications: This is the effort to encourage our colleagues throughout the world to attend and participate in this process to engage the future. We believe that this conference has value now and for the future, and we are working on getting the word out. Please feel free to send the attachments, or link to the website, to colleagues and others as desired. We would also ask you to consider linking our website www.oceans2005.org to your website and then also including information, in whatever format is appropriate, in your other publications or correspondence (we will be happy to assist with additional information if desired).

Lead-up Events: We have been encouraged to do everything that we can to build enthusiasm about actions throughout the Congress, the Administration, and the public. This can also build interest as we prepare for the conference, help us define the most important elements to include, and begin our process to initiate a conference deliverable (a Recommendations Report of the most critical issues so that we can track actual accomplishments with time).

Concurrent and Special Events: We hope to encourage other organizations, agencies, societies, etc. to plan concurrent events either at the conference site or elsewhere in Washington as a means to highlight this focus on the future of our "One Ocean." This will be a way to reach out to the public and those who we hope will desire to participate in these events, such as the Congress and senior Administration officials.

Focus Events: We look forward to your desires about how you would like to participate, particularly any special events that we would need to integrate into the program.

Volunteer: Our Committee is hard at work but there are opportunities for others to join our team, help us put on the best possible Oceans Conference, and have some fun along the way. Please check out the link on the website at and let us know how you want to help

We will welcome any other ideas that might develop as you review the website information. And we also look forward to working hard through September to provide the best possible conference for those who truly want to make a difference for our "One Ocean."

See you there!

Barry Stamey, Fred Klein & Steve Holt
Executive Co-Chairs


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