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GLIN==> Wastewater Conference

Submitted by Diana Preisen <Diana.Preisen@state.mn.us>

Minnesota Onsite Wastewater Conference

March 21-22, 2005


Redoximorphic Features in Soils Symposium

March 23, 2005


Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center (DECC)

Duluth, Minnesota

This conference is the joint meeting of the two professional onsite wastewater associations in Minnesota: the Minnesota Onsite Sewage Treatment Contractors Association (MOSTCA) and the Minnesota Professional Organization of Wastewater Recycling (MPOWR).

The Onsite Wastewater Conference features educational sessions and a trade show in Duluth's DECC auditorium, right on Duluth Harbor. Educational tracks will be offered on ISTS management, operation and maintenance, construction, soils and related environmental issues. Great speakers will be sharing on-site wastewater treatment information from both Minnesota and national perspectives.

If you are involved in designing onsite wastewater systems or delineating wetlands, you won?t want to miss day three of the conference - Redoximorphic Features in Soils.  You will learn more about the historical, scientific, and practical applications of redoximorphic features to soils interpretations.  Important speakers from around the United States will share past and present research, a soil survey perspective, hydrologic, climatic, and geologic influences of redoximorphic features in soils.

For more information on the conference, contact MOSTCA Toll Free at 1-888-810-4178 or check their website at http://www.mostca.com. 


Scholarships available for local elected officials from Minnesota

MPCA is looking for local elected officials to use 30 scholarships, valued at $200 each, to attend the Minnesota Onsite Wastewater Conference. These scholarships provide assistance to local elected officials in financial need, so they can attend the Conference and improve their understanding of wastewater options for their communities. If you are interested, contact Gretchen Sabel at the MPCA (800) 657-3864 or (651) 296-7773 or download it at http://www.mncounties.org/WasteWaterConfAPPLICATION.pdf.