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GLIN==> Winter 2004 Issue of IJC's FOCUS is Now Available

Title: Winter 2004 Issue of IJC's FOCUS is Now Available

Winter 2004, Vol. 29, Issue 4
The International Joint Commission's FOCUS newsletter is now available on-line at:
or in French at http://www.ijc.org/rel/focus/v29i4/indexf.html
The Winter 2004 issue includes articles about:
* The Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Study Board workshops evaluate plans.
* Commentary from Regional Office Director, Dr. Gail Krantzberg on advisory board member activities and recognition.
* The recently released talk force report on Missisquoi Bay.
* The 2005 IJC Great Lakes Conference and Biennial Meeting -- June 9-11, 2005 on the campus of Queen's University in historic Kingston, Ontario. Joint the IJC to discuss the review of the Great       Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Just announced -- Dr. David Schindler to give keynote address on Thursday evening, June 9.

* The IJC seeks your comments on 2004 Air Quality Progress Report.
* An update on AIS in the Great Lakes.
* The speech from the Throne commits Canadian federal government to Great Lakes program renewal and the IJC: the Prime Minister and President recognize importance of the Great Lakes.

Don't miss our regular features including: People (changes to the IJC advisory boards) and Hot off the Press (new publications and products from the IJC).

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