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GLIN==> One Fish, Two Fish.35 Beautiful Great Lakes Fish Could Be Your Holiday Gift

One Fish, Two Fish…35 Beautiful Great Lakes Fish Could Be Your Holiday Gift


Searching for that extra something for a Great Lakes fish enthusiast? The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute may be able to help. Its beautiful Great Lakes Fishes Poster is only $5 and can be ordered online or by phone—but order by December 17.


The 26.5” by 38.5” poster features 35 color drawings by the well-known biological illustrator Joseph R. Tomelleri. Tomelleri, who often works with live fish, is known for the exquisite detail of his illustrations and his painstaking attention to accuracy. Anatomical features such as scale and fin ray counts are accurate, and the colors are as realistic as possible. The drawings were done with colored pencils and each took 12 to 50 hours to complete.


To view the poster and order it online, visit http://aqua.wisc.edu/publications or contact Linda Campbell at (608) 263-3259 to order by phone. Price includes shipping and handling.



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Created in 1966, Sea Grant is a national network of 30 university-based programs of research, outreach and education dedicated to the protection and sustainable use of the United States’ coastal, ocean and Great Lakes resources. The National Sea Grant Network is a partnership of participating coastal states, private industry and the National Sea Grant College Program, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce.





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