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GLIN==> Coastal GeoTools 05 Conference


The Coastal GeoTools '05 conference will be held in Myrtle Beach, SC from March 6-10, 2005.  The conference has been the best venue to see how GIS is applied to coastal management across the Americas and there are usually several good presentations with a Great Lakes perspective. 

Please visit the GeoTools Web site for the latest information at www.csc.noaa.gov/geotools.  Conference registration is open through January 31, 2005, with an early registration discount before December 31, 2004.  The registration form can be found on the Web site.  The new venue in Myrtle Beach has a capacity of 425 people and early registrations are already coming in.

There will be nearly 100 oral presentations and almost 60 posters.  The preliminary program and draft schedule have been posted.  Please note the Special Interest Meetings (SIMs) and training seminars scheduled for the first day.  The opening keynote address and the lunch plenary speakers have been confirmed.
Keynote: Dr. Michael Goodchild, Professor of Geography at the University
of California, Santa Barbara, and Director of the National Center for
Geographic Information and Analysis
Lunch Plenary: Dr. Richard Spinrad, Assistant Administrator, NOAA
National Ocean Service, Silver Spring, Maryland

-David Hart

Presentations from the Great Lakes Region

Development of a Comprehensive GIS Parcel Database for the Coastal Hazard Zone of
Lake Ontario.
Pete Zuzek, Baird & Associates, Tom Bender, USACE Buffalo District, Ralph
Moulton, Environment Canada

Wisconsin Shores: DVD for Coastal Hazards Education in Wisconsin. Alberto Vargas,
Wisconsin Coastal Management Program

New Tools for Visualizing Coastal Hazards on the Great Lakes. Jeffrey Stone, University of
Wisconsin-Madison, Mark Harrower, University of Wisconsin-Madison, David Hart, University
of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, Ted Koch, Wisconsin State Cartographer?s Office, AJ Wortley,
Wisconsin State Cartographer?s Office, Alberto Vargas, Wisconsin Coastal Management
Program, Stephen Ventura, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Visualization and Knowledge Transfer for Gull Lake Erosion Modeling Using
Arcpublisher and Arcreader.
Steve Langendyk, Baird & Associates, Pete Zuzek, Baird &
Associates, Lynden Penner, J.D. Mollard and Associates

Change in Nearshore Substrates Along the Central and Western Basin Shore of Lake Erie.
Donald E. Guy, Jr., Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey, Lake
Erie Geology Group, Jonathan A. Fuller, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of
Geological Survey, Lake Erie Geology Group, Christopher A. Zimmer, SECOR International,
Dana M. Wilkinson, Wittenberg University

Developing a Dynamic and Distributed GIS to Support Coastal Management along the
Lake Superior Coast of Wisconsin.
David Hart, University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute,
Mark Miller, Cadastra, Inc., Carola Blasquez, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Jennifer
Zeisloft, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Stephen Ventura, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Protecting Water Quality Using a Natural Resource-Based Priority Parcel Process. Kevin
L. Cronk, Monitoring and Research Coordinator, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council

Finger Lakes Decision Support System Project. TBD

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