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GLIN==> RS&GIS Fall Technical Workshops - Enroll Now!

RS&GIS Fall Technical Workshops
November 8-12, 2004

RS&GIS is offering a series of one and two day workshops covering the
principle tools of geospatial technology.  These hands-on classes give you
the opportunity to expand your technical skills, spatial knowledge, and
software proficiency.

Workshop schedule:

        Mon. 11/8             Introduction to ArcGIS (Day 1)
        Tues. 11/9             Introduction to ArcGIS (Day 2)
        Wed. 11/10           Advanced GIS Topics - Vector Analysis - NEW CLASS!
        Thur. 11/11           Advanced GIS Topics - Raster Analysis
        Fri. 11/12              Introduction to GPS

Enroll now while there are still open seats!

For more information please see attached PDF or visit us at

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@rsgis.msu.edu

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