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GLIN==> Reminder: Tomorrow is Registration Deadline for Great Lakes Sturgeon Coordination Meeting: Nov 9-10 at the Soo - GLBET Endorsed!

                                         Great Lakes News                                       
                                         Register for the                                       
                          Great Lakes Lake Sturgeon Coordination Meeting                        
                      to be held November 9-10, 2004 in Sault Ste. Marie, MI                    
             sponsored by Great Lakes Fishery Trust and the Lake Sturgeon Committee.            
                                Registration due October 15, 2004.                              
                                        Full announcement                                       
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Dear GLBET Members and other Partners:

The Team played a role in garnering support for this significant binational
Great Lakes fish and wildlife initiative.  The Service Flex Funding support
we secured was instrumental in the award received from the Great Lakes
Fishery Trust to hold this important collaborative meeting.  Our Team Web
Site: http://greatlakes.fws.gov/ includes the above meeting information,
and Henry's message below also has the meeting and registration
information.  Hope many of us can participate, and assist the continued
success of our Lake Sturgeon Restoration Committee.


Richard Greenwood
    USFWS Liaison to USEPA Great Lakes National Program Office
    Team Leader Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem Team
Great Lakes National Program Office
77 West Jackson Blvd. (G-17J)
Chicago, IL 60604
Ph:  312-886-3853  Fax:  312-353-2018
Email:  rich_greenwood@fws.gov or greenwood.richard@epa.gov

----- Forwarded by Rich Greenwood/R3/FWS/DOI on 10/14/2004 02:05 PM -----
                      Henry Quinlan                                                                                                   
                                       GL Sturgeon Coordination Meeting - registration deadline                                       
                      10/14/2004 01:59                                                                                                

Good Folks,
Just a reminder that the registration deadline for the 2004 Great Lakes
Lake Sturgeon Coordination Meeting is tomorrow, October 15.  The form you
need to submit to register is attached below (file: Registration Info -
deadline 04.doc).  We have an exciting 2 days planned with over 20 sturgeon
presentations covering a number of important topic areas including sturgeon
passage, sturgeon habitat evaluation and restoration, advances in genetic
characterization of stocks, and examples of sturgeon rearing and stocking
projects.  The updated agenda is included with the attached registration
information and the presentation schedule is also attached (see file:
presentation schedule 04.doc).  In addition to the speakers we have
arranged for several opportunities to exchange ideas and discuss topics of
interest with colleagues and new acquaintances.

Don't forget to make your motel registration by October 22.

Thanks to those of you who have already registered.  We will confirm all
reservations with an email by  Oct. 22.

(See attached file: Registration Info - deadline 04.doc)(See attached file:
presentation schedule 04.doc)

If you registered early and did not submit your biographical info, please
use the form in the attached registration info to do so.  Thanks.

Henry Quinlan, Fishery Biologist

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Ashland Fishery Resources Office
2800 Lake Shore Dr. E.
Ashland, WI 54806
Ph: 715-682-6185 ext. 203
Fax:             -8899

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