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GLIN==> 2004 "Life on Lake Erie" Photo Contest Winners Announced

September 21, 2004

Additional first-place winners are from Blacklick, Ashtabula, Port Clinton,
Marblehead and Copley

Lorain resident Pat Villanucci captured the spirit of fishing fun on Ohio's 
North Coast, as well as a special judges' award, in the annual "Life On 
Lake Erie" amateur photo contest, coordinated by the Ohio Lake Erie 
Commission (LEC).

Villanucci's candid shot of a trio of anglers gleefully trying to restrain 
a slippery fish placed first in the contest's "Fun on Ohio's North Coast" 
category and also captured a special place in the judges' hearts for its 
unabashed humor and whimsy. The judges' award is occasionally given to 
first-place category winners that warrant special commendation.

Additional photo contest winners are from Blacklick, Clyde, Medina, 
Ashtabula, Painesville, Port Clinton, Fremont, Marblehead, Conneaut, Copley 
and Toledo.

The photo contest aimed at capturing the day-to-day lives of people, plants 
and animals that live and thrive in the Lake Erie watershed. First-place 
and honorable mention photographs are currently featured in a traveling 
display that will be exhibited along Ohio's North Coast in coming months.

Winners in the six categories are as follows:
Fun On Ohio's North Coast - Capturing enthusiasm for swimming, boating, 
fishing, picnicking and playing on Lake Erie. First place: Pat Villanucci's 
"The Big Catch." Honorable mention: Bonnie Curless of Clyde with "Shell 

Traveling Ohio's Shoreline - Developing images of recreational watercraft, 
ships, trains, planes and various motor vehicles as ways of getting around 
the shoreline. First place: John Rees of Blacklick with "Put-In-Bay Harbor 
At Night." Honorable mention: Cindy Janos of Medina with "Crazy About 

Lake Erie Lighthouses - Capturing views of Lake Erie's historic beacons 
from a variety of angles. First place: Dee Riley of Ashtabula with an 
aerial view of "Ashtabula Lighthouse." Paul Mietty of Painesville received 
an honorable mention for a view of "Fairport Harbor Lighthouse."

Plants & Wildlife - Showing Lake Erie's "wild" side whether it be birds, 
reptiles, aquatic plants or meadows. First place: Michael Lake of Port 
Clinton with a peek-a-boo shot of a frog entitled "Amphibious." Honorable 
mention went to Andrea Aldrich of Fremont with "Magee Marsh Gulls I."

Seasons of Lake Erie - Capturing all the seasons of the lake's coastline, 
whether it be lined with flowers, snow or fallen leaves. First place went 
to Doreen Kirk of Marblehead with "Fall at Kelleys Island." Rich McBride of 
Conneaut took honorable mention with "Lake Erie Ice."

Shoreline Landscapes - Imaginative shots of the 262 miles of Ohio's Lake 
Erie shoreline. First place went to Margie Ritter of Copley for "Weathered 
Fallen Tree" on a beach. Pat Healey of Toledo earned honorable mention with 
"Evening's Glory."

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission is made up of the directors of the Ohio 
Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of natural resources, 
transportation, development, health and agriculture. The commission was 
established for the purpose of protecting Lake Erie and its watershed as 
Ohio's premiere natural resource and promoting responsible development in 
the region.


EDITORS NOTE: Digital images of the winning photographs from the
 2004 "Life on Lake Erie" photo contest are available at 
www.epa.state.oh.us/oleo .

For Further Information Contact:
Edwin J. Hammett, Ohio Lake Erie Commission
(419) 245-2514

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