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GLIN==> 260 marinas in NY in Clean Boating campaign: NY Sea Grant News

Submitted by Kara Dunn <karalynn@gisco.net>

New York Sea Grant Partners with Regional, National Organizations
to Promote Clean Boating Across New York State

Oswego, NY, August 25, 2004 - Two hundred and sixty (260) marinas and all
Coast Guard Auxiliary and U.S. Power Squadron units across upstate New York
State are now receiving Clean Boating Packets with information and free
products that marina operators and boating educators can use to implement
best practices for preventing and reducing pollution in New York's waters.

New York Sea Grant is partnering with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Division
2, the Boating Industries Association of Upstate New York, the National
Clean Boating Campaign and the Marine Environmental Education Foundation to
distribute packets that include:
... information on new techniques and environmentally-friendly boat cleaning

... plus information on a grant program that would help marinas install
pumpout and dump stations and increase their use

... National Clean Boating Campaign information from the Marine
Environmental Education Foundation

... information on National Marina Day, a program of the Marina Operators of
America Association

... a bilge sock and fuel nozzle bib that can be shown to boaters to raise
awareness of two simple, inexpensive ways boaters can prevent or reduce
petroleum discharges.

"New York Sea Grant and its partners began this program a year ago with four
marinas on various waters in New York State. The response from the marina
operators and their boaters was so positive that we have now expanded the
program to include 260 marinas statewide," says David G. White, Marine
Facility Specialist for New York Sea Grant.

Linda Oltz, the Division 2 Captain of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, says,
"This program is intended to develop greater awareness by boaters and
marinas on how to prevent marine environmental pollutants from entering our
waterways. We hope it will also improve compliance with the marine
environmental protection laws. Our goal is to educate recreational boaters
on the simple ways to prevent pollution and what to do if they see a spill
while boating."

Dennis Honeywell, executive director of the Boating Industries Association
of Upstate New York, says marina operators can give the packets to new
boaters to reinforce the importance of clean, environmentally-aware boating.

"Our 115 marina and marine business members are committed to the Sea Grant
and Boating Industries Association partnership that is enhancing clean
boating by recreational boaters," says Honeywell.

To learn more about clean and safe boating practices and best practices for
marinas, visit www.nysmarina.org or contact David G. White, Marine Facility
Specialist for New York Sea Grant, SUNY-Oswego, 62B Mackin Hall, Oswego, NY
13126, 315-312-3042.

Websites with regional, state and national clean and safe boating
information include:
... www.nysgmarina.org <http://www.nysgmarina.org/>   - New York Sea Grant
... www.meef.org <http://www.meef.org/>  - Marine Environmental Education
... www.cgaux.org <http://www.cgaux.org/>  - U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
... www.uscg.mil/hq/g-m/nmc/seapart.htm
<http://www.uscg.mil/hq/g-m/nmc/seapart.htm>  - Coast Guard Sea Partners
... www.moaa.org <http://www.moaa.org/>  - Marina Operators of America
... www.nysefc.org <http://www.nysefc.org/>  - New York State Environmental

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