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GLIN==> New e-newsletter

Good Afternoon!  JFNew is pleased to announce that we will be sending out a free electronic newsletter every other month to interested members of the Great Lakes Information Network and other interested parties.  The newsletter will focus on a different environmental topic in each issue and will also include interesting facts, trivia with prizes, and links to websites with additional information.  If you are interested in receiving the first issue of this newsletter, please reply to this email with your first and last name and company information.  This newsletter is a permission-based newsletter.  If at anytime you do not wish to receive the newsletter, you will be able to unsubscribe. 


We hope that the newsletter will be informative and educational and we welcome suggestions for topics in coming issues!     




Angela D. Crump, CHMM

Business Development/Client Relations




6640 Parkdale Place, Suite S

Indianapolis, Indiana  46254

317.388.1982; 317.388.1986 fax




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