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GLIN==> Michigan Areas of Concern News online

The Summer 2004 edition of Michigan Areas of Concern News is now online at http://www.glc.org/spac/pdf/summer04.pdf. 
The newsletter is published by the Statewide Public Advisory Council (SPAC) for Michigan's Great Lakes Areas of Concern Program.  Highlights from the summer issue include:
 - Great Lakes Legacy Act implementation underway (This article includes a current list of Legacy Act projects submitted, and identifies those getting off the ground soon as well as those with potential FY2005 start dates.)
- The road to delisting:  three case studies (This article shines the spotlight on three Areas of Concern that have   implemented different approaches to the AOC delisting process.)
- The SPAC report (This article focuses on recent progress of the Michigan Statewide Public Advisory Council, including news on new MDEQ funding for the SPAC, new grants supporting RAP projects, and recent SPAC advocacy efforts.)
- Challenging times for Great Lakes region (Judy Beck, U.S. EPA Great Lakes National Program Office's Lake Michigan Team Manager, assesses the current Great Lakes restoration planning effort and identifies "programmatic tools" in place to guide the efforts of the Great Lakes Interagency Task Force.) 
- A call for renewal (Gail Krantzberg, Director of IJC's Great Lakes Regional Office, reinforces the importance of the review and update of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.)
- No greatness without great governance, great public (Dave Dempsey, Policy Advisor for the Michigan Environmental Council, assesses President Bush's executive order signed in May and suggests ways to institute a system of Great Lakes governance.)
- Public involvement:  key to successful contaminated sediment cleanups (Tanya Cabala, Michigan Director of the Lake Michigan Federation, describes methods to improve public involvement in contaminated sediment cleanups and create the political will to get the job done.) 
Additionally, the newsletter contains the following sections:
- New Publications and Resources
- AOC updates 
Also included is a special insert, An Action Agenda for Restoring Michigan's Great Lakes Toxic Hot Spots, online at http://www.glc.org/spac/pdf/ActionAgenda2004-screen.pdf. 
For hard copies of the newsletter or the Action Agenda, contact Matt Doss, mdoss@glc.org or John Hummer, jhummer@glc.org; 734-971-9135.


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