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GLIN==> Call for Presenters: Eurasian Water Milfoil Symposium, Oct. 8, 2004 in Wisconsin Dells

Call for Presenters and Papers

Eurasian Water Milfoil Symposium

Friday, October 8, 2004

Wintergreen Conference Center, Wisconsin Dells


From:  Wisconsin Association of Lakes

One Point Place, Suite 101

Madison, WI 53719

608. 662. 0923



The Wisconsin Lakes Partnership and our partners invite engaging and informative presentations for the Eurasian Water Milfoil Symposium.  This event will focus on both management and prevention of Eurasian water milfoil and similar aquatic exotics invasions.  The program will go from approximately 9:00 am – 4:30 pm, and will include refreshments and a luncheon.  


Why this topic?  Why now?

Eurasian water milfoil (EWM) takes root in more lakes each year and significant resources are spent on various techniques to manage it.  Decisions on how to manage EWM are often highly contentious with people on all sides of the issue relying on a mix of science, emotion, and other factors to form their viewpoints.  How much inadvertent harm to native plants and lake ecosystems might result if we are overly aggressive in controlling milfoil?  On the other hand, how much harm might be done to native plants and lake ecosystems if EWM is not controlled?


Symposium Goals

Our event seeks to provide complete and common understanding about the problems with EWM and strategies for effective management.  By bringing together people on all sides of these issues for an open discussion, we will help everyone shape lake management decisions that are in the best interests of people and the lakes’ health.  Our event will provide an information-sharing forum for lake group members, lake management businesses, university researchers, agencies, government officials, and others to share real-world examples of different management applications on different types of lakes.  Let’s learn from each other about what tools are working.


Call for Presenters and Papers

We are looking for objective evaluations of control efforts and management strategies: what works, what doesn’t, what’s safe, and what’s dangerous?  Specifically, we encourage presentations and papers on the following topics:

(1)     The importance of plants in the lake ecosystem, emphasizing why we need to consider the whole lake ecology in choosing the appropriate management strategies for exotics.  How do different lake types react to exotics invasions?

(2)    What are our management options?  We would like discussions to run the gamut of all our current options, e.g.: doing nothing, mechanical or chemical treatments, biological controls, manual removal, municipal controls such as draw-downs and boat launch inspections. 

(3)    What are the risks associated with specific management techniques? E.g.: impacts of aquatic herbicides on human health, impacts of mechanical harvesting or herbicide treatments on fisheries, spreading EWM by fragments from mechanical harvesting, etc.

(4)   If one-size does not fit all when it comes to managing lakes with exotics invasions and if more than one management tool may be needed, how do we choose the right strategy for our lake? 

(5)    Prevention tools are one of our management options, e.g.: watercraft inspection programs, education programs for lake users, boat launch restrictions, boat wash stations, shoreland management.

(6)   Case studies that illustrate what strategies have and have not worked on different types of lakes. Why did\didn’t these strategies work? What can others learn from your experiences?

(7)    Defining expectations: What is realistic "success" in controlling exotics invasions?  How can success be measured, on what basis, and by whose judgment?  Is 100% eradication realistic?


Guidelines for Submitting Presentations or Papers

Please fill out the following application form, and use the above mentioned items #1–7 to answer question #3. The deadline for submission is August 13, 2004. Please note that submission does not guarantee acceptance. Please submit your completed application form to: Wisconsin Association of Lakes (WAL). Attn: EWM symposium. One Point Place, Suite 101. Madison, WI 53719. wal@wisconsinlakes.org Questions? 608-662-0923.


Application Form

Please answer the following questions:


1.    Are you submitting a:  Presentation  or Paper 


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3.    Topic Category (# 1-7 from list above, or indicate “other” and describe):


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  1. Abstract (~100 – 250 words), or attach an already completed paper or presentation.


  1. Short Summary (60 words or less) for the conference agenda:




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Wisconsin Association of Lakes, Inc.

One Point Place, Suite 101

Madison, WI  53719

voice:  608. 662. 0923


1. 800. 542. LAKE (in Wis. only)

fax:   608. 833. 7179