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GLIN==> Call for abstracts for Environmental Risk and Nonindigenous Species Invasions Conference

Submitted by Carol A. Stepien, Ph.D. c.stepien@csuohio.edu

Dear Colleagues:

The Program of Excellence in Environmental Risk Analysis at Cleveland State
University invites you and your students to participate in our Conference on
Thursday evening October 14, 2004 and Friday October 15, 2004, "Environment
Risk and Nonindigenous Species Invasions in the Great Lakes Region: Risk
Analysis, Management, and Communication".

We welcome your title and abstract submissions for contributed oral papers
and posters, now through September 8, 2004.  Presenters and students may
register for free at
http://www.csuohio.edu/gradcollege/%7EglRisk/conference.html, and others
The conference will begin on Thursday evening at 5 pm with a welcome and
keynote address by Dr. David M. Lodge, Professor at the University of Notre
Dame.  Dr. Lodge will speak about his experience on the U.S. Federal
Invasive Species Advisory Committee, and the integration of Environmental
Risk Analysis, Management, and Policy of Nonindigenous Species Invasions.
Dr. Lodge's research focuses on the Risk Analysis of Invasive Species and
has been featured in the journals Science and Nature.

The conference opening reception and contributed poster session (with
student best-poster award competition) will follow on Thursday evening.  Our
Friday program features two concurrent sessions of invited and contributed
papers on aspects of Risk Analysis, Communication, and Management of
Nonindigenous Species Invasions in the Great Lakes Region.  Friday's program
includes a luncheon (gratis to speakers and students, and included in
registration) and discussion of the integration of Risk Analysis,
Management, and Communication by a Panel of Invited Experts.

We look forward to seeing you at our conference!  The program, call for
abstracts, registration, hotel, and travel information are found at
http://www.csuohio.edu/gradcollege/%7EglRisk/conference.html. The conference
is partially funded by our program award from the USEPA and a conference
grant award from the Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) of the

In addition, we are inviting papers for scientific articles for
consideration in a special issue of the Journal of Risk Analysis (Blackwell
Publishing), on "Risk Analysis of Nonindigenous Species Invasions in the
Great Lakes".   Risk Management, Policy, and Communication articles are
invited for consideration in a special issue of the International Journal of
Global Issues (Iderscience Publishers).  Further details are on the
conference website.

Thank you very much!

Carol A. Stepien, Ph.D.

Director, Great Lakes Environmental Genetics Lab
and Associate Program Manager for Environmental Risk Analysis Program of
Cleveland State University
MC 219
2121 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH  44115
216-523-7311, FAX 216-687-5393

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