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GLIN==> The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

The International Joint Commission is looking for comment.

Log-on to  http://www.ijc.org/rel/boards/b_board/en/index.php  and tell us what you think!

This year, the United States and Canada begin to review the effectiveness of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement -- The IJC is interested in your views.

The IJC has launched an Internet bulletin board to encourage basin-wide discussion regarding the review of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement by the United States and Canada.  Questions lead off each discussion room to help you get started, but we encourage you to respond to other's thoughts or feel free to comment on agreement issues that are important to you.

New questions have now been posted!

1.  What aspects of the Agreement do you believe should be updated?


2.  Do you think the scope of the Agreement should remain the same or should it be changed?


3.  What specific environmental or management issues do you think should be addressed in any revisions to the Agreement?


4.  What options are there to address threats to the Great Lakes basin ecosystem without including them in the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement?


Do you have answers?  We want to hear them.