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GLIN==> Latest issue of upwellings now online

Title: Latest issue of upwellings now online

June 2004
Contact: Joyce Daniels, Editor, (734) 647-0766 or joydan@umich.edu

The latest issue of Michigan Sea Grant's newsletter upwellings is now online: http://www.miseagrant.umich.edu/pubs/up

Rip Currents: Be Aware, Swim with Care                                    
Learn how to recognize rip currents in the Great Lakes and how to escape them. New signs and brochures developed by Michigan Sea Grant explain how.
Pier Safety
Powerful currents often flow around piers, jetties and other shoreline structures, creating an unseen hazard for swimmers.

Join the Hunt for Hydrilla                                           
The invasive hydrilla plant has clogged waterways in many southern states. Help protect Michigan waterways by joining the hunt for hydrilla.

GIS Technology Improves CoastWatch Web Site http://www.miseagrant.umich.edu/pubs/up/june04/coastwatch.html
Enhanced lake surface temperature charts streamline the popular CoastWatch Web site, used regularly by charter fishing captains and recreational anglers.