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GLIN==> SEMINAR Reminder - June 29 (Ann Arbor)


Date and Time:
Tuesday, June 29, 10:30 am

Compartments in Food Webs: How they Help Quantify Structural Changes in the Food Web of Southeastern Lake Michigan after the Invasion of Zebra Mussels and Bythotrephes

Ann Krause
Doctoral Candidate, Michigan State University

Compartments in food webs are subgroups of taxa that have many strong interactions with other compartment members; there are few weak interactions between compartments. Compartmentalization increases stability in theoretical food webs, thus it is necessary to understand compartmentalization in empirical food webs and its role as a stabilizing feature in food-web structure. A method from social networking science was used to identify compartments in five established food webs. Three of the five were significantly compartmentalized (a = 0.05). A graphical representation of the food web provided an intuitive understanding of the compartmental structure. This approach was then applied to the food web of southeastern Lake Michigan to determine changes the food-web structure after zebra mussels and Bythotrephes invaded. Data from GLERL, EPA, GLSC, and the Cook Power Plant study were the primary sources of information for constructing the food web. Additional changes in the structure were estimated by calculating the effectiveness of the interactions between taxa and the effectiveness of taxa within the food web and its compartments. These indices help to determine if a few taxa dominate the food web structure.

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