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GLIN==> Great Lakes islands project information needed

The Binational Collaborative for the Conservation of Great Lakes Islands is putting together a website that will include, among many other things, a summary of current Great Lakes islands projects.  I am gathering information from newspapers, list serves, grant applications, etc. and would like to encompass as many different projects as possible.  These could include island habitat restoration, development, purchases, summary of significant habitats, research projects, etc.  I am requesting information from those of you who may know of island initiatives that you'd like included on the website.  Please feel free to pass this request on to others who may also have information.  This is an ongoing process, so there is no deadline, and you may submit multiple project descriptions at any time.


Please include in your submission the following information and email to Megan_Seymour@fws.gov (or send to address listed below):


*Island name

*Island location (the name of the Great Lake or connecting channel including St. Marys River, St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair, Detroit River, and St. Lawrence River, and whether in U.S. or Canadian waters if known)

*Source of the information (cite newspaper, website, personal communication, etc.)

*Date of event/initiative

*A brief summary of the information (one or two paragraphs)


Our goal is to help the public understand the ecological significance of the Great Lakes Islands.  Thanks in advance for your input and I look forward to hearing from you!


Megan Seymour

Wildlife Biologist

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Ecological Services Field Office

6950 Americana Pkwy.

Suite H

Reynoldsburg, OH  43068


(614) 469-6923 ext. 16

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