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GLIN==> Sand Dune Defenders Hall of Fame Inductees for 2004 Announced

Submitted by Susan Campbell <scampbell@lakemichigan.org>

Sand Dune Defenders Hall of Fame Inductees for 2004 Announced

Grand Haven -The first inductees in the new Sand Dune Defenders Hall of Fame
were announced at P.J. Hoffmaster State Park on Wednesday, May 19, during
the second annual Sand Dune Day.

"The inductees embody focus, persistence, the ability to withstand
challenges, and selflessness," said Tanya Cabala, associate director of the
Lake Michigan Federation. "Their contributions are tremendous and we are
eternally grateful they worked so hard so that we can enjoy the natural
beauty and wonder of the dunes."

The inductees are:

The late Dorothy Buell, who at age 65 began the job of mobilizing citizens
to push for the creation of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, which
encompasses nearly 25 miles of dune lakeshore and 15,000 acres.

Former State Rep. Dennis O. Cawthorne of Manistee, who had the vision and
persistence to author Michigan's landmark Sand Dune Protection and
Management Act of 1976 -- the first time the state put forth a legal
framework for protection of dune resources.

The late E. Genevieve Gillette, for her extraordinary dedication and
critical role in establishing Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore despite
strong opposition. The national lakeshore stretches 35 miles and encompasses
nearly 60,000 acres, including South and North Manitou Island.

Julie Stoneman, executive director of the Land Conservancy of West Michigan
and a member of the Hall of Fame selection committee, said "The decision was
difficult as there are many local groups and efforts that deserve
recognition, in addition to individuals who have made significant
contributions of time and energy. This inaugural year we decided to pick
those individuals whose efforts have achieved protection of dunes on the
largest and most permanent scale."

Tom Anderson of the Indiana Save the Dunes Council, which was founded by
Buell in 1952, accepted the award on her behalf. "Many people and groups had
worked since the early 1900s to protect Indiana's dunes, but it was the
effective organizing by Dorothy Buell and her single-minded focus that
eventually made it happen," he said.

Chris Graham of the Michigan Natural Areas Council, which was founded by
Gillette, cared for Gillette in her later years. "We would not have such a
breathtakingly spectacular park for 35 shoreline miles around Sleeping Bear
today if she had not given such an astonishing amount of time and strength
through the long process -- exerted over great personal criticism --which
lasted nearly a decade," he said.

Upon accepting his award, Cawthorne recalled the intensity of the battle to
pass the sand dune law. "Before my proposal there had been no statewide
discussion of protecting Michigan's dunes," he said. "I am glad to have
contributed to the establishment of a legal framework for dunes protection."

The awards for the Sand Dune Defenders Hall of Fame will be housed in the
Tri-Cities Historical Museum on the City of Grand Haven's lakefront.

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