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GLIN==> Reminder - Lake Michigan Watershed Academy, June 3

A reminder about the following conference…


Lake Michigan Academy Regional Watershed Conference, June 3, 2004

The Lake Michigan watershed will be the focus on this one-day seminar dedicated to discussing current issues and proposed solutions for this region. Sponsored by the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission and the U.S. EPA, the conference will offer panels of experts who will address issues such as beach closings and water supply for the northeastern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin portion of the Lake Michigan watershed. Proposed solutions will include case studies of successful local government programs, coastal zone management, and watershed planning.  Tools and data sources to aid in decision-making will also be presented. The conference will be held at the Illinois Beach Resort and Conference Center in Zion, Illinois.


The full program with registration form is available on NIPC’s website at www.nipc.org.  The cost of the conference is $25.  Please fax or send your registration form to NIPC by May 26.  For questions, please contact Irene Hogstrom, NIPC, at 312-454-0400 or ireneh@nipc.org.