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Spring 2004, Vol. 29, issue 1


The International Joint Commission's FOCUS newsletter is now available in hard copy and on-line at:




or in French at http://www.ijc.org/rel/focus/v29i1/indexf.html



Focus goes electronic!!

If you are reading this, you already receive and read the IJC's FOCUS newsletter electronically, but if you also receive FOCUS in the regular mail, this is for you. 


This will be the last regular issue of Focus distributed in hard copy through the mail.   Because more people are getting their information from the Internet, and we wish to use less paper, the IJC's FOCUS newsletter will be found primarily on the IJC website.


Beginning with the next issue of Focus, Summer 2004 -- FOCUS and all other IJC news, will be available electronically and announced by email through the IJC-Announce e-mail listserv. As soon as a new issue is ready, you will receive a short email containing a direct link to Focus. If you are not currently signed up for IJC-Announce, please send an email to commission@windsor.ijc.org.


If you would like to continue receiving a paper copy of FOCUS, YOU MUST LET US KNOW.  Please send us an email to the above address with your full name and complete mailing address.



The Spring 2004 issue includes articles about:


----  Public involvement and the success of the Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence River Study

----  Biological, chemical and physical integrity of the Great Lakes, everything is connected

----  Greater cooperation needed on transboundary air quality

----  Updates on the International Rainy Lake Board of Control


In this issue, the IJC gives special recognition to the volunteer service of David Ullrich and his contributions to the Great Lakes Water Quality Board.


This issue also includes our regular features including: People (changes to the IJC advisory boards) and Hot off the Press (new publications from the IJC)


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