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GLIN==> 2004 Coastweeks ~ A Celebration of Lake Erie

April 19, 2004


Restoring and maintaining America's valuable natural coastlines is the 
focus of the 2004 Coastweeks observance, Saturday, August 21 through 
Sunday, September 19, according to the Ohio Lake Erie Commission (LEC), 
which coordinates the Ohio program.

Ohio's Coastweeks is part of a nationwide effort to educate the public 
about protecting America's coastlines. Beach walks and cleanups, nature 
programs, and shoreline conferences are examples of the popular activities 
that take place each year during those weeks.  This year's National Coastal 
Cleanup Day is Saturday, September 18, and is part of an international 
effort among 100 countries to clean up coastlines and waterways throughout 
the world.

Last year, more than 735 volunteers in Ohio plucked nearly 20,000 pounds of 
trash from beaches and tributaries along 61 miles of Lake Erie shoreline. 
Food wrappers and beverage cans accounted for the majority of trash 
collected. Activities in 2003 also included tours, hikes, kayaking and 
storm drain stenciling.

Environmental organizations, schools, libraries, community groups and 
individuals throughout the Lake Erie region are encouraged to begin 
planning now for this year's event. Planners are urged to tie events to 
pre-existing community activities and to consider partnering with local 
businesses for additional support.

Register with LEC as an official Coastweeks event to receive assured 
assistance with general media relations and to be listed on the 
commission's official web site. Registered cleanup events also will receive 
Coastweeks supplies such as trash bags, pencils and data cards.

Ohio Coastweeks registration forms are available by calling 419-245-2514 or 
through the LEC web site at www.epa.state.oh.us/oleo.

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission was established for the purpose of preserving 
Lake Erie's natural resources, protecting the quality of its waters and 
ecosystem, and promoting economic development of the region. The director 
of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency serves as the commission's 
chairman, while the director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources 
serves as secretary. Additional members include the directors of the state 
departments of transportation, health, development and agriculture.
For Further Information Contact:
Jill Woodyard, Ohio Lake Erie Commission
(419) 245-2514
Andrea Misko, ODNR Media Relations
(614) 265-6882

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