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GLIN==> Former EPA Assistant Administrator G. Tracy Mehan Joins The Cadmus Group


March 28, 2004		

Ralph T. Jones, President
The Cadmus Group, Inc.
(617) 673-7125
Bill Ward or Jeff Edstrom
The Cadmus Group, Inc. Great Lakes Office
(312) 588-1670

Former EPA Assistant Administrator G. Tracy Mehan Joins The Cadmus Group 

	The Cadmus Group, Inc., a leading environmental consulting firm
serving the public and private sectors, announced today that G. Tracy Mehan,
III, former Assistant Administrator for Water at the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency, will join Cadmus as a Principal on April 19, 2004.  He
will work out of the firm's Arlington, VA, office.
	As Assistant Administrator for Water, Mr. Mehan was responsible for
EPA's implementation of both the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water
Act, plus EPA's role in water security.  Prior to becoming Assistant
Administrator in 2001, Mr. Mehan was the director of Michigan's Office of
the Great Lakes and a member of Gov. John Engler's cabinet.  There, he
coordinated policy on a variety of issues including toxic contamination,
aquatic invasive species, and water diversions.  Because of this strong
background in Great Lakes protection, Mr. Mehan will support the Cadmus
Great Lakes office, in Chicago, continuing that work.

	"We are delighted that Tracy has decided to join us," said Cadmus
President Ralph T. Jones. "At EPA, he was known for using innovative
approaches to protect drinking water and water resources. He was a leader on
ambient water quality monitoring, the watershed approach, and a new strategy
to deal with aging infrastructure. These approaches are consistent with
Cadmus' leadership role in water and wastewater, and in voluntary programs
to promote environmental quality. Tracy's experience and integrity, and his
proven ability to manage public-private partnerships, fit perfectly with our
expanding markets in asset management, source water protection, water
security, and water quality trading."
	Mehan, a native of St. Louis, was Director of the Missouri
Department of Natural Resources prior to his work in Michigan.  He holds a
B.A. and J.D. from St. Louis University.  He and his family now reside in
Vienna, Virginia. 

About Cadmus

	Founded in 1983, Cadmus provides high-quality, multidisciplinary
consulting, research, and technical support services to government,
non-profit, and corporate clients.  Cadmus focuses primarily on air and
water issues, voluntary programs, energy efficiency, global climate change,
and risk assessment. Headquartered in Watertown, MA, and with offices
nationwide, Cadmus is an employee-owned company employing more than 160
professionals including scientists, engineers, statisticians, public policy
analysts, economists, attorneys, information technology specialists,
writers, graphic artists, outreach specialists, and trainers.  

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