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GLIN==> NYSG's Great Lakes Restoration Priorities Workshop (Apr'04)

NYSG presents "Great Lakes Restoration Priorities Workshop:
Your Chance to Make a Difference in Our Lakes' Future"

On April 27, 2004, New York Sea Grant will host "Great Lakes Restoration
Priorities Workshop: Your Chance to Make a Difference in Our Lakes'
Future." This event, to be held at the Holiday Inn at the Rochester Airport
in Rochester, will bring together public and private stakeholders from
along New York's Lake Erie and Lake Ontario shorelines to identify and
refine lake-wide restoration needs and priorities and to help foster a
collective vision to guide the process. Everyone who uses or is interested
in New York’s Great Lakes resources is invited to attend the workshop.

The Great Lakes Commission first embarked upon this project to provide the
scientific and technical assistance needed to inform the development of
legislative, appropriations, and policy priorities for the Council of Great
Lakes Governors' Great Lakes restoration initiative. At this meeting, New
York Sea Grant, in association with the Great Lakes Commission, will seek
input on the priorities from stakeholders interested in New York's Great
Lakes waters. This input will help develop a shared vision and the
principles, goals, objectives and strategic actions needed to achieve that
vision.  For more information on the workshop, log on: <

Agenda Items

      GL Restoration Financing Act H.R. 2720 (Congressman Reynolds invited)
      The State of the Great Lakes
      GL Shoreline & Economic Development
      Ecosystem, Fisheries and Invasive Species
      Water Quality and Pollution Prevention
      Ensuring the Sustainable Use of Resources

Breakout Sessions

      What are your priorities for Great Lakes restoration you wish to
      share with the Great Lakes governors?
      What advice do you have on the design and implementation of a
      large-scale restoration plan to advance the Governor's priorities for
      the Great Lakes ecosystem?

Background on this Great Lakes Initiative

The Great Lakes make up one-fifth of the world's fresh surface water
resource, so large that it would seem nothing could ever damage them. But
the lakes are in peril. Human development and use of this unique natural
resource has degraded the lakes to the point that the lakes are in need of
protection and restoration. To this end, the Governors of the eight Great
Lakes states have generated priorities toward the development of
restoration strategies for the lakes.

In response to this, the Great Lakes Commission is sponsoring a series of
workshops throughout the Great Lakes states (including New York, Ohio and
Pennsylvania) in the Winter and Spring of 2004 to solicit public input on
the development and implementation of priorities for ecosystem restoration.
The initiative is funded by the National Sea Grant Program and each
workshop features a partnership between the state's Sea Grant Program,
governor's office, relevant state agencies and the Great Lakes Commission.

Participants will have an opportunity to review and discuss restoration
priorities developed by the Council of Great Lakes Governors, and share
additional thoughts and ideas relevant to their jurisdiction and the entire
region. Workshop outcomes will be captured in proceedings documents and
shared with Great Lakes leadership and the entire community of stakeholders
in the interest of promoting consensus and unity of purpose in restoration
and protection initiatives.

Details on upcoming workshops are provided below. For agendas and
proceedings of past events, visit www.glc.org/restwkshp

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