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GLIN==> New Coastal Engineering Outreach Specialist at Wisconsin Sea Grant

For more information, contact:
Gene Clark, Coastal Engineering Outreach Specialist
Phone (715) 394-8472
Email  grclark@aqua.wisc.edu



MADISON, Wis. (3/17/04) — The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute has hired a new coastal engineering outreach specialist, Gene R. Clark, to fill the vacancy at its UW-Superior Advisory Services field office.

Besides serving as UW Sea Grant’s local contact for the state’s four counties along Lake Superior, Clark’s focus will be on providing coastal engineering expertise and advice to state and local government officials, contractors, and lakeshore property owners in all Wisconsin coastal counties, including those along Lake Michigan. He replaces Philip Keillor, who retired last year after serving 28 years as UW Sea Grant’s only coastal engineer.

“Keillor brought exceptional recognition to Wisconsin Sea Grant—and indeed to the entire national Sea Grant program—through his expertise and dedication to coastal engineering issues,” said UW Sea Grant Director Anders W. Andren, “so we are extremely fortunate to have someone of Clark’s experience and capabilities join our program. He has precisely the expertise we were looking for—the kind of outreach expertise our external advisory groups said our program should continue to provide to Wisconsin’s coastal communities.”

Clark previously worked as state lakeshore engineer for the Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources, where he provided Lake Superior Soil & Water Conservation Districts with technical design assistance for lakeshore protection and erosion control projects during the last 10 years.

Clark holds two master’s degrees—one in coastal engineering from the University of Florida, and a civil engineering master’s in hydrology and hydraulics from UW-Madison. He earned his undergraduate degree in ocean engineering at Texas A&M University.

Clark can be contacted at his UW-Superior campus office by phone (715) 394-8472, email grclark@aqua.wisc.edu or fax (715) 394-8454.

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Conceived in 1966, Sea Grant is a national network of 30 university-based programs of research, outreach, and education dedicated to the protection and sustainable use of the United States’ coastal, ocean, and Great Lakes resources.  The National Sea Grant Network is a partnership of participating coastal states, private industry, and the National Sea Grant College Program, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce.





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