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GLIN==> What is Wisconsin's Comprehensive Planning/Smart Growth Law?

Comprehensive Planning Law Program Set

Interested in learning the facts about Wisconsin's Comprehensive Planning
Law that has been dubbed the "Smart Growth" Law by some?  Why was this
legislation developed and who was involved in its development?  What are the
provisions of law and how do they affect Wisconsin's local governments? What
are some of the proposed amendments to the current law?  To find out, plan
on attending a What is Wisconsin's Comprehensive Planning/Smart Growth Law?
program on Monday, February 23 at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center
west of Ashland.  The program, which is being sponsored by the Alliance for
Sustainability, starts at 7:00 p.m. and is free of charge and open to the

The program's featured speaker is Brian Ohm, who is an attorney and an
associate professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He also has a joint appointment with the
University of Wisconsin-Extension where he is a state specialist in land use
law, growth management and environmental regulation.  Brian was the convener
of the consensus process that resulted in the state's new comprehensive
planning law.  He has served on a number of state and local government
commissions/committees studying various land use planning issues including
the Town of Dunn Land Trust Commission, the State-Local Government-Private
Sector Working Group of the Wisconsin Land Council and the Dane County North
Mendota Parkway Advisory Committee.  He was appointed by Governor Thompson
to the South Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission Study Committee.
He is currently a member of the City of Madison Plan Commission and was
recently appointed by Governor Doyle to the Wisconsin Land Council.

Prior to joining the faculty at UW-Madison, Brian was an attorney in
Minnesota where he was involved with numerous issues related to land use,
parks and open space, wastewater treatment, aviation and transportation
planning.  Brian is the author of several publications on planning law,
including the Guide to Community Planning in Wisconsin.

Following Professor Ohm's presentation, there will be a question and answer
session where audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions.
For more information on the What is Wisconsin's Comprehensive Planning/Smart
Growth Law? program on February 23, contact Tim Kane at (715) 373-6104.

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