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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 16 December 2003

Title: GLIN: What's New and Notable
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What's New & Notable,
16 December 2003

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Lake Erie Coastal Ohio

Lake Erie Coastal Ohio is a nonprofit organization linking more than 300 sites across the Ohio lakeshore into a trail of history and adventure. Discover sights and places and learn how Lake Erie has shaped industry, culture and settlement.


If you're a Great Lakes information provider, you might be concerned the World Wide Web is becoming clogged and overcommercialized. More than three dozen colleges with similar concerns teamed up in 1996 to look for solutions. Internet2 is the result: a super fast Internet capable of handling huge amounts of data, free from pop-up ads, spam and other commercial intrusions.
Revisiting some "great" web sites!
In honor of GLIN's 10th anniversary year, we're highlighting some of our past Site of the Month honorees. These sites have grown along with GLIN and are the key partners that make the regional network a success!
Nestle Decision a Bipartisan Challenge

When it comes to managing fresh water, the leaders of both major political parties share a rare ideological consensus: Michigan's 19th-century policy of encouraging people to use as much water as they want, whenever they want, needs a 21st-century update.

Winter in the Great Lakes Region

Before planning a Great Lakes excursion this winter, don't forget to check out GLIN's winter activities section! Find helpful links on state tourism, winter sports and more!

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