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GLIN==> The Compass--The Council of Great Lakes Governors' Quarterly Newsletter

The Council of Great Lakes Governors is pleased to announce that its new quarterly newsletter, THE COMPASS, is now available for download at http://www.cglg.org/1news/newsletter.asp.  

Highlights in this first issue of The Compass:

·        A welcome from Council Chair, Ohio Governor Bob Taft.

·        The Governors priorities for Great Lakes restoration and protection.

·        A success story from the Council’s Australian trade office.

·        An update on the Governorsbattle against Aquatic Invasive Species.

·        An overview of actions being taken by the Great Lakes Governors and Premiers to protect the Great Lakes.

To be added or removed from the Council’s email list, please reply to cglg@cglg.org with “add” or “remove” included in the subject line.

Council of Great Lakes Governors