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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 01 November 2003

Title: GLIN: What's New and Notable
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What's New & Notable,
01 November 2003

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Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Research Inventory

GLIN Site of the Month A product of the International Joint Commission, the research inventory is an interactive, searchable database to help both professionals and the public learn about research projects related to the Great Lakes ecosystem. Visitors to the site can search for current and past projects by key word, lake basin/connecting channel, funding agency or investigator; locate researchers working on specific areas of interest; and view data concerning resources dedicated to research in the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence region. The IJC's Council of Great Lakes Research Managers created the site as a tool to provide guidance and advice to the Commission regarding the adequacy of Great Lakes research. Researchers are encouraged to submit project information and update past entries to keep the database current.

Linking Pennsylvania's History, Tourism and Education

Ontario Muskie Alliance RegionsExplorePAhistory.com is Pennsylvania’s new online heritage hub, a resource bringing history to life in the classroom, on the highways and byways of the Commonwealth and on the Internet. The site uses the state's extensive historical markers program as a springboard to learn about the rich history of Pennsylvania and the Lake Erie region.

NOAA Publishes Electronic Great Lakes Ice Atlas

The new 30-year electronic atlas contains data on more than 1,200 digitized Great Lakes ice charts for winters from 1973 to 2002 and an analysis of these ice charts.

ecoMentors - www.ecokids.ca/ecomentors

Ontario Muskie Alliance Regions EcoMentors is an innovative and dynamic program being offered by Earth Day Canada, which matches high school students with elementary school classes or environmental clubs to assist in teaching environmental education.

Northern lights over the Great Lakes

Scientists say another spectacular eruption on the surface of the sun could disrupt communications on Earth this week. A positive effect of these strong geomagnetic storms, however, are colorful auroras in the night sky expected to be visible beginning late Wednesday. Common around the northern reaches of the Great Lakes region, the aurora borealis (commonly known as "northern lights") offers stunning views, especially in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Visit this site for images, photography tips and viewing suggestions.

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