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GLIN==> Great new program and website launch: ecoMentors

Posted on behalf of Rebecca Holzman <ecomentors@earthday.ca>

Great new program and website launch: ecoMentors
Helping kids help the environment

EcoMentors is an innovative and dynamic program being offered by Earth Day
Canada, which matches high school students with elementary school classes or
environmental clubs to assist in teaching environmental education. By
working together, both groups of students can turn their ideas into action
by participating in relevant environmental activities in their community and
explore and express their ideas and viewpoints with regard to
human-environment interactions.

By participating in ecoMentors, everybody wins. High school students gain
valuable work experience, explore their career interests and fulfill their
co-op course requirements; elementary students benefit from having an
energetic, enthusiastic mentor to provide guidance, input and assistance in
their exploration of environmental topics; teachers appreciate the
assistance with their busy teaching schedule.

The program is now up and running and we are looking for new participants.
Listen to what past ecoMentors have to say about the program:

"This is an awesome program that will benefit both the elementary school
students and the presenters. This is a very positive step towards increasing
ecological literacy in Canada.  The support provided by Earth Day Canada was
very helpful in making my presentations more fun, thorough and on-topic."

And the teachers love it too!  According to a teacher who invited an
ecoMentor to her class:

The ecoMentor showed great enthusiasm about what he was teaching and the
students were very interested. The materials and games worked well and
sparked the interest of the group. We will continue working on projects and
lessons on energy in our classroom. This was a great way to begin!

Visit our dynamic and easy to use new website to learn more about how the
ecoMentors program works. The site has 2 separate sections, one for students
and one for teachers. Learn more about what an ecoMentor can do, what they
will gain, the process of certification and teaching tips and activities
that can be used.


Looking to get involved with the ecoMentors program or would like more
information? Please contact Rebecca Holzman, the ecoMentors Program
Coordinator, at (416) 599-1991 ext. 103 or ecomentors@earthday.ca

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