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GLIN==> Restore America's Estuaries Identifies 80 Federal Programs to Fund Habitat Restoration in 2003

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Restore America’s Estuaries announced today that 80 federal programs are authorized to fund habitat restoration in FY2003. According to Restore America’s Estuaries’ latest study, Funding for Habitat Restoration Projects: A Citizen’s Guide, programs have varying funding levels that could be used for restoration. Programs range from the Estuary Habitat Restoration Act, which provides $1 million to restore degraded estuary habitats, to the Surface Transportation Program, a $5.9 billion program which may be used for habitat restoration in conjunction with transportation enhancements projects within the National Highway System.


According to Mark Wolf-Armstrong, President of Restore America’s Estuaries, “This research clearly shows the breadth and depth of opportunity for funding habitat restoration. Unfortunately, the potential is far greater than the reality. Many of these programs have the authority to spend for restoration, but do not. As our coastal natural resources continue to decline, we need to push for more resources directly applied to restoration.”


The 80 programs fall under seven federal agencies: the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Departments of Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Transportation, and Health and Human Services. The funding guide provides a quick, comprehensive and accessible review of the often hidden federal funds that may be used to implement on-the-ground habitat restoration projects. Its design and layout provides users with easy access to critical information about funding sources, eligibility and contact. The guide is available online as a printable PDF document and as an interactive database at http://www.estuaries.org/policyandfunding.php.


Funding for Habitat Restoration Projects was originally created in 1996 in an effort to bring organization and order to the information available regarding federal programs that fund (or could fund) restoration activities. Today, it reaches farther to play a key role in Restore America’s Estuaries’ National Strategy to Restore Coastal and Estuarine Habitat.  For more information, see: http://www.estuaries.org.




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